AppBoy: Where Mobile Development Meets Social Media

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As a tech blogger who has been on the mobile scene for quite some time now, and has come across endless Web concepts pertaining to the new social trend as well as the mobile world, AppBoy blew me away from day one. Not many new projects really fill such a huge gap like the need to connect the developing mobile application space with that of the latest Web trend, i.e social media. It seems like a natural connection, doesn’t it?
AppBoy, when it was first introduced to me, impressed me with its concept as well as implementation. In fact, like many other great ideas I have heard, it left me thinking “How did I not think of that?”

How many times have you had an idea for a mobile app, but no way to implement it? I know I have lots of great ideas, but until now, they were just ideas. AppBoy gives me and people like me the ability to transform my ideas into dollars. With the number of apps in Apple’s App Store nearing 100,000, AppBoy felt there was a major need for a central hub in which mobile developers can connect and communicate with one another about their latest projects or ideas in the pipeline.


In addition, with all the mobile platforms available to consumers, combined with the platforms’ non social nature (ever try sharing a link to the App Store?), AppBoy offers developers a place to host their own personal app store with a customized and friendly URL, making it easier than ever to distribute their apps. Like I said; pure genius.

I am proud and honored to be a part of this winning team and killer concept. Great and exciting things to follow. Stay tuned!
For a detailed explanation of how AppBoy works, see here.


Finally, at Appboy, we very much welcome any sort of feedback, whether it be review requests, general comments, tips, or questions, feel free to ping us here, and we will get back to you promptly.

If you feel you have what to say and want to apply to write for AppBoy, contact us here.


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