Articles by Arron Hirst

Doodle Jump for iPhone Surpasses 3M iPhone Sales – Just Keeps Selling!

If you’ve ever heard of a little game called Doodle Jump, you’ll more than likely also know that the highly popular 99 cent game was originally developed by two brothers, co-owning iPhone development studio Lima Sky.

Elasticr – All The Elasticated Fun You Could Ever Want!

I have to say, I love my job. Reviewing applications of all shapes and sizes for a living barely ever gets boring. Sometimes though, things can get a little stagnant and that is why I am also always on the look out for new, unique and stand-out apps. Developed by Dlux Design Studio, Elasticr is a fun, inviting and graphically exciting offering of truly elastic magnitude. The game centers around one main character, Elasticr … a lone superhero who has the special ability of stretching to epic proportions.

The 99 Cent App Is Dead

The App Store is a big place, sure … but maybe it’s getting just a little too big. Maybe developers are losing sight of making sure they charge what their work is actually worth, rather than basing the factor of price solely on “I wonder how quickly we can get into the iTunes Top 10?”.

Engadget Puts the World of Technology in Your Pocket

Engadget is the official application for technology review site and AOL gadget publication, Engadget provides both news, reviews and interviews on a daily and sometimes hourly basis, on some of the latest technology and gadgets to have hit the market recently. It also provides an insight into rumors and corporate leaks which may point to the shape and functionality of possible future unannounced products.

Pocket God To Arrive As Comic Series?

If you cast your minds back to January 2009, you might remember the introduction of a little thing called Pocket God. Created and designed by iPhone development studio Bolt Creative, Pocket God came at a time when the App Store really needed something new. Something, fresh. The game took the usual list of gaming rules and regulations and threw them out the nearest window, leaving behind a virtual world which you controlled truly under your own terms.

Opera Mini Coming To Multiple Platforms And Handsets, Including iPhone

It’s fair to say since the introduction of the iPhone, mobile Safari has had a tough time with users. From the intermittent crashing issues back on firmware 1.1.3 to lack of caching of pages in tab view, people quickly felt that they needed a replacement, one which would more over mirror that of their desktop browser on their Mac or PC. Up until now though, these replacement browsers, on the iPhone at least, have come in the form of existing independent developers looking to make the odd quick buck trying to flog different overall browsing experiences to the App Store crowd.

How the iPad Will Change the App Landscape

Do you like the iPad? It’s one of those questions I’ve been asking myself ever since Steve jumped up on stage and announced the thing a week ago today. Sure, we could just fob the thing off as a big iPod touch, like might I add most of the world is doing right now. Or, we could embrace it and think about what this means for the App Store and it’s customers heading into the future.

B-Boy Beats: Launching on iPhone Feb 14th

Since the App Store’s launch back in July 2008 we’ve seen an absolute explosion in both novelty and full-featured music based apps. From the very company who started it all off, MooCowMusic, showcasing their versatile suite of instrumental based apps, to game-changing studios like Amidio Inc with their digital contribution to the mobile DJ’ing experience, TouchDJ (which kinda doubles as a mobile Garangeband), and of course new players to the game, like RockStar Games and their celeb-endorsed Timaland title, Beaterator.