Articles by Bill Magnuson

A New Name. A New Leadership Position.

Today is a very special day for our company. From the beginning, we have sought to humanize connections between brands and their customers with a

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Make It Matter: Inspire Solidarity with a Better Engagement Strategy

It happens all the time. There’s a disaster, or a political controversy, or a spontaneous protest, and suddenly an underappreciated organization finds itself thrust into

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The Key Driver of Adoption & Value Is Not Shiny New Toys

As leading technology companies mash together new services, platforms, and capabilities, brands can find the signal in the noise—and make smart new investments—by understanding what

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Announcing Web Push on Appboy [Product Update]

UPDATE: Web Push support is now available through Appboy’s Web SDK. Appboy supports both the new web standard as well as former implementations of Chrome

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Improve Interaction With Your Users With Appboy’s Install Attribution

With Appboy’s new install attribution capabilities, our Marketing Automation for Apps platform bridges the gap between our strong “Beyond the Download” focus and the install

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Take Greater Control of Marketing Initiatives With API Campaigns

We seek to supply a solution to every mobile marketing problem. With the launch of API Campaigns, we’re now able to seamlessly connect your programmatic

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Multivariate Testing Is LIVE; Now You Can Be FEARLESS

How much is confidence worth? When it comes to mobile marketing, I say a lot. When a mobile marketer sends out a campaign, whether by

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Google Play Terms of Service Are Changing on August 1

Google Play is changing its terms of service by deprecating the Android ID and moving to the Advertising Identifier. Now users will have more control

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The Latest Developments Addressing CASL Rules

As mentioned last week, we want to make sure our clients are prepared to be compliant with Canada’s new anti-spam law, which starts today. Here

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Changes to Campaign Messaging and More

Starting tonight, if you log onto the dashboard you’ll see small campaign messaging changes that we wanted to share with you. When you enter the

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