Articles by Donte Ledbetter

Everything You Need to Survive Mobile World Congress 2017

It’s happening again. From February 27th to March 2nd, tens of thousands of attendees will gather in Barcelona for the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC)

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A Mini-Guide to Behavioral Email Marketing

In today’s marketing world, the campaign is king. Marketers create a promotion or offer, send a promotional message to a relevant segment of their audience

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5 Mobile Onboarding Principles for Wooing New Users

Every month (being the loyal mobile user I am), I browse through Apple’s App Store looking for new apps to download. I’ll usually try five

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The 40 Mobile Marketing Resources You Should Try and Bookmark Right Now

Whether you’re just starting out in mobile marketing or looking to brush up on what’s new in our ever-evolving industry, you’ve come to the right

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What Customer Engagement Actually Means and How It’s Done

Think of marketing as a soccer game. For the first half, your focus is on taking the lead and acquiring as many customers as possible.

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How to Solve Your Company’s Millennial Marketing Crisis

Millennials are like unicorns. They’re mysterious creatures that no one seems to fully understand. The common perception is that they’re unabashedly needy, spoiled, hoverboarding young

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LTR SF 2016: People-First Strategies from Tinder, Dropbox, and GV

On Tuesday, 177 people from all corners of the marketing and tech industries descended upon The Battery, a San Francisco social club, for Appboy’s LTR

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Our First Big Ad Campaign: How We Did It

The best brand campaigns are informed not only by the desire to drive awareness and customer acquisition, but also to communicate a message or vision

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Why Marketers Need a Multichannel CRM to Stay Relevant

Modern marketing has become something of a catch-me-if-you-can game. The mobile age has jettisoned us past the days of plain old “digital” marketing and email-and-website

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