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Google Co-Founder, Sergey Brin Finally Lets a Non-Googler Try on His Glasses on Video

Not sure if you heard but Google is changing the world. OK, maybe a slightly dramatic opening sentence but if Google has its way with Google Glass, the company will do to every day interactions what its search engine did to the Web, in other words, change them forever.

Samsung Missed the Boat, S-Voice is Just as Bad as Siri, If Not Worse (VIDEO)

So the Galaxy SIII has officially been unveiled and by all standards, it seems like a definite step forward in the world of mobile technology. As usual, TheVerge has the Web’s most comprehensive review of the device and if you are considering the SIII, you should read it here.

Facebook Gets a Clue, Releases a Solid Mobile App, Facebook Camera. Next up? Monetization

So if you have not been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks, you have surely heard that Facebook is now a public company. With the largest tech IPO in history on the one hand, and an IPO many people are calling a disaster on the other, Facebook has definitely supplied us with enough drama to last a lifetime.

Siri Gets the Celebrity Treatment from None Other than John Malkovich in Two New Ads

You might recall from a few weeks back that Apple has decided to recruit some mega celebrities to plug its voice assistant software, Siri. Well, if you have tried to use Siri, you surely know the Beta tag Apple has used to label it is very deserving. Or in other words, it is not all that great. Maybe that is why they need celebrities to push it so hard…

The Most Realistic iPhone 5 Concept Video You Will Watch Today

It is that time of the year again, the time in which the entire tech community spends sleepless night searching for the next reliable rumor about Apple’s next iPhone.

Nokia's 41 Megapixel 808 Pureview and How it Came to Be

You might recall that Nokia announced a new breakthrough in the world of mobile photography back in Mobile World Congress 2012. They called it the Pureview 808 cameraphone and they wowed everyone with its 41 megapixel sensor.

Samsung Galaxy SIII Preorders Approach 10 Million without the U.S

With all the astronomical numbers we see daily in the mobile space, you have to wonder who is buying all these phones. I mean, 20 million SII devices, 10 million of the first Galaxy S based on numbers from last October, and not even taking into account the ridiculous number of iPhone sold worldwide.

Official: People Have Too Much Time on Their Hands. Behold: Zuckerberg, The Musical

Well, Facebook sure is making a lot of noise lately. With their upcoming IPO and their industry-shaking mobile acquisitions, it seems Zuckerberg wants to ensure he keeps his edge.

Released a Mobile App? Now Get Cracking! Here is What You Need To Do and How To do It

By: Hillel Fuld (@hilzfuld) The Web is filled with guides about how to successfully develop a mobile app. There are many tips you should follow

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Yes, iPhone Recommended Lumia and Vice Versa but This Just Got a Lot More Interesting

You know it is a slow tech week when all anyone is talking about are the results you get when you ask your smartphone “What is the best smartphone in the world?” This is obviously a ridiculous discussion and one that has no practical bearing on anyone’s life or shopping decisions.