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How the Super Bowl Changes Mobile App Use: Prep Now for February 5

Every year, over a hundred million people tune in to the Super Bowl. And many of them have their smartphones in hand, actively using their

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Cyber Monday and Black Friday Data, Wins, and Missed Opportunities

Well, it’s happened. Cyber Monday 2016 has come and gone. Many publications are describing this Black Friday and Cyber Monday to be record breaking with significant

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Americans More “Connected” on Election Day: Mobile Activity Up to 34% Higher

Last week wasn’t a typical week. At Appboy, we took a look at how election day changed our mobile habits—how much, and when, we used

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Push Notification Alternatives: How To Reach Users Who Are Opted Out

As a smart digital marketer, you’re likely spending most of your days skillfully combining your four channels—push notifications, emails, in-app and in-browser messages, and News

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Why We Made an In-App Message Style Guide

Sometimes we all need a little guidance. Even when it comes to something as common in a marketer’s day as creating a user-facing message, the

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New Marketing Webinars: The Relate Live Schedule

Relate, the digital marketing mag from Appboy (hint: this blog), is full of tips, best practices, examples, and news to help mobile and omnichannel marketers

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App Campaign Ideas to Build Loyalty for Every Customer: The Actionable Infographic

Getting new app users to engage with your app means treating them like the individuals they are, and reaching out with campaigns that speak to

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5 Tips for Increasing In-App Conversions up to 200% [Infographic]

Since it’s 50% easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new one, we at Appboy are laser focused on retention—on how brands

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Create Mobile Moment Campaigns That Work

The shift to mobile has changed the interactions between consumers and marketers forever. Marketing strategies aimed at simply reaching the right audience and persuading them

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Relationship Marketing Is the Future of Marketing

Acquiring new customers is hard work. It’s expensive. And a really large percentage of these customers will probably leave you again soon anyway. That’s a

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