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10 Things to Know About AI Right Now

AI has a long history as a marketing buzzword. But while we’ve been through a number of boom-and-bust hype cycles around artificial intelligence, recent technological

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The Dawn of the Partial Push Notification Opt-Out

As mobile becomes increasingly central to the way that people engage with brands, being prepared and informed about developments in the mobile space can give

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Get Deeper Insights into Cross-Device User Behavior with Appboy’s tvOS Support [Product Announcement]

Smart marketing today is built on customer data. Understanding who your users are and how they engage with your brand is the first step toward

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Trigger Automatic Messages Seamlessly With Connected Audiences [Product Spotlight]

Thank you notes, order confirmations, and personalized recommendations—these 1:1 transactional messages can be a powerful way to build closer relationships with your customers by sending

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Secure Your Data, Globally [Product Spotlight]

At Appboy, we’re committed to helping large global teams manage their growth and engagement strategies. Today, we’re pleased to announce two new features geared toward

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iOS 10 Rich Notifications Are Here [Product Announcement]

Mobile has been steadily conquering digital content and commerce for nearly a decade. As the mobile ecosystem develops and expands, the leading players Apple and

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A Bigger and Better Appboy Dashboard

As laptop technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, internet users have increasingly flocked toward wider screen resolutions. The introduction of Retina

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Appboy Siege Storms the Mobile Marketing Automation Space

UPDATE: The joke’s up now, but we had a lot of fun coming up with Appboy Siege and Appboy Psychiatrist! Just in time for April,

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Build Intimacy and Boost Conversions With Appboy’s New Personalization Feature

Mobile is an inherently personal, 24/7 channel. With Appboy personalization, we’ve taken that built-in intimacy and advanced it to the next level, enabling marketers to

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Use Deep Linking From Push to Inspire Desired In-App Actions [Product Update]

Appboy has made it easier than ever to deep link from push notifications. Our recent iOS and Android SDK releases have helped us seamlessly support

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