Articles by Lauren Leonardi

4 QSR Brands to Emulate on Mobile

As mobile becomes increasingly central to the way that people live their lives and interact with brands, businesses worldwide are being forced to rethink their

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Is SMS Over? How It Fits into Your Cross-Channel Strategy

For a lot of people, Short Message Service (SMS) was their introduction to mobile marketing. Before push notifications, before you could easily check email on

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What Does It Mean to Get Permissions?

What’s the difference between receiving junk mail from a company you’ve never heard of and getting direct mail after signing up for a brand’s mailing

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Why it Sometimes Pays to Follow the Crowd

To a marketer, interacting with users during cultural tentpoles can mean shelling out millions of dollars for 30 seconds of airtime, but with the rise

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Is Your Western Mindset Hindering Your Global Marketing?

Years ago, while I was working for a multinational publishing company, a team from our China office came to visit. On their first day, they

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How to Market Differently (and Effectively) to Each Generation

You wouldn’t send a push notification advertising a sale on cognac to an 11-year-old or an email to Australian customers wishing them a happy Arbor

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When Does Message Personalization and Segmentation Become a Trap?

As it becomes harder to reach and engage customers in today’s distraction-filled world, more and more marketers are turning to personalization to cut through the

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How Marketers Can Approach the Growing Conscious Consumption Movement

Healthy marketing often involves finding a way to meet customers where they’re at, in their respective worlds, in ways that might not be directly aligned

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