Articles by Mary Kearl

How to Keep Your Customers Engaged When Things Change

Working in marketing, you have to learn to adapt to—and embrace—change. After all, evolving as a marketer can both help you advance your career and

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Active Customer Campaigns: 5 Things Marketers Need to Know

For marketers, knowing your customers can be a powerful asset. Customer data makes it possible to know which kinds of notifications each customer likes best,

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Customer Messaging and Social Media Can (and Should) Work Together

When you think about your brand’s mobile users or social followers, it’s important to remember that these aren’t necessarily separate groups of people. After all,

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Learn from the Best: Award-Worthy Marketing from Oscars’ Past

While today’s fractured media landscape can make it difficult to be a part of global, trending conversations, there are still a few cultural tentpoles that

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New Habits for Customers: 3 Brands that Have Perfected the Daily Ritual

It’s no secret that retaining new users isn’t easy. If your brand can’t find ways to get new customers to log sessions in your app,

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14 Top 2017 Conferences and Events Mobile Marketers Should Keep an Eye On

Marketing is always evolving. And that means staying up to date—or even better, ahead of the curve—as a marketer can often feel equal parts thrilling

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11 Super Bowl Digital Marketing Campaigns That Ran Up the Score

Anyone who works in marketing knows that putting together a winning Super Bowl campaign can be a competitive sport. Each year we look forward to

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What Every Marketer Should Know About Message Retargeting

When driving across the country on road trips, one of the ways I pass the time is by looking out for billboards. Amidst the clutter

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7 Active Customer Campaigns We Have a Marketing Crush On

Certain groups of customers get lots of attention—people who’ve just joined your email list, shoppers who abandon carts, app users who are lapsing, and members

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6 Top Terms Every Mobile Marketer Should Know

Every industry has its own vernacular. And, as with learning any language, seasoned students know to skim the fluff—like outdated words or overused phrases—and dive

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