Articles by Mary Kearl

5 Mobile-Savvy Business and Finance Brands to Learn From

Since the introduction of the first iPhone a decade ago, the rise of mobile has been disrupting industries and upending the business models and customer

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What a Cross-Channel Onboarding Campaign Really Looks Like

Beyond making a strong first impression, your initial onboarding campaign has the power to drive long-term engagement and longer-term loyalty. One essential component of onboarding

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How momondo Increased Conversions By More than 60%

With travel and hospitality businesses—startups and established players, alike—offering a veritable all-you-can-eat continental breakfast of options for travelers, there are more choices than ever when

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How Brand Personality Helps You Connect with Users

For brands, providing concrete value is key: it’s hard to build and maintain a strong, loyal user base without showing your audience the benefits that

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How to Keep from Alienating Customers with Over-Communication

Modern customer messaging can often feel like a balancing act. Brands want to keep their outreach responsive and relevant, so they turn to triggered messaging

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App Subscriptions: Get Customers to Make the Jump (and Stay There)

For mobile apps, customer acquisition can be tough. You’ve got to prove value to convince customers to allocate space on their phones for your company’s

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7 Mobile-Savvy Retails Brands to Learn From

As mobile becomes more and more central to everyday life, it’s essential that brands find ways to take advantage of mobile to drive engagement and

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3 Smart Tactics That Help Retail Brands Succeed on Mobile

Over the past few years, a clear picture of consumer behavior has emerged: today’s shoppers are increasingly mobile shoppers. Given this emerging reality, long-term success

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How to Keep Your Customers Engaged When Things Change

Working in marketing, you have to learn to adapt to—and embrace—change. After all, evolving as a marketer can both help you advance your career and

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Active Customer Campaigns: 5 Things Marketers Need to Know

For marketers, knowing your customers can be a powerful asset. Customer data makes it possible to know which kinds of notifications each customer likes best,

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