Articles by Sora Wondra

5 Eye-Catching Ways to Use Rich Notifications

Push notifications can be more than a few words of copy and the occasional emoji. It’s now possible for brands to add images, GIFs, videos,

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Do You Have a Cross-Device View of Your Customers?

For years now, the smartphone has reigned supreme as marketers’ most sought-after consumer device. While smartphones are still key components in an effective mobile strategy,

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How Saucey Uses Conversion Tracking to Speed New Purchases

Many people are willing to “try something once,” but they may well not return for a second conversion. (Maybe they’ve forgotten about your app or

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Mobile Marketing Folk Wisdom: 6 “Rules” That Aren’t Always True

As mobile has gone from emerging technology to the center of many people’s lives, we’ve seen a number of mobile marketing principles and strategies come

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10 Dos and Don’ts for Making the Most of User Data

How brands collect and use customer data can play a crucial in the success of their successful marketing efforts. But while some savvy marketers have

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13 Push Notification Dos and Don’ts

Push notifications have been a game changer for the mobile landscape. With their unique ability to reach users that aren’t actively engaged, they can provide

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Are You Using All 5 Personalized Marketing Tactics?

It wasn’t that long ago that the capability to seamlessly add a user’s first name to communications or online experiences was an exciting way to

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When to Use Push vs. Email for Re-Engagement Campaigns

Early and consistent app engagement is essential for long-term customer retention, and re-engagement strategies can help make that a reality. Sometimes people need a little

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The Secrets of Customer Segmentation Strategy

Know thy users. Then, segment them. Customer segmentation strategies are key for relevant and effective mobile marketing. Sending campaigns to smaller, thoughtfully constructed segments (vs.

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The 9 Types of Mobile Marketing Campaigns You Should Know

The messages that you send via mobile can be powerful. Time spent on mobile devices has surpassed desktop and 80% of app users engage with

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