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Appboy Named Forbes Cloud 100: Rising Star, and Digiday Signal Award Finalist for Best Marketing Automation Platform

Over the last few years, we have been focused on building the best-in-class CRM platform here at Appboy—from the technology to our people to our

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Should You Start Investing in “IoT” Marketing? Three Opportunities to Consider Right Now

These days, seems you can’t check your smartwatch without spotting a headline touting the promise of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). What sounded like

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Be Your Customers’ Ritual: Consistent Engagement Results in 90% Audience Retention after One Month

Rituals support healthy relationships. Whether or not you regularly make the time to have coffee with a friend will affect if you stay close over

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3 Steps to Connect with Your Mobile Audience

Call it the proximity principle or the law of attraction: People tend to form strong bonds with the people—and the things—that are closest to them.

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5 Ways to Use Predictive Analytics to Supercharge Your Marketing

You probably have access to more mobile marketing tools than ever, but unfortunately, a crystal ball still isn’t among them. And until Apple or Google

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Gamechanging App Experiences: 4 Ways Marketers Are Cutting Through the Clutter

With the number of apps quickly creeping toward two million, and mobile users getting much tougher to impress, what does it take to keep driving

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Give Up Control to Drive Mobile App Engagement

Every year, the cost of mobile app user acquisition jumps higher: last year, it surged by a full 80 percent to $2.25 per customer. Want

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