Articles by Todd Grennan

It’s Day One in the Conversational World

Every year, senior executives and mobile thought leaders head to Mobile World Congress to get a sense of which way the wind is blowing, technology-wise.

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Customer Engagement—It Takes Teamwork

Each day, the average consumer receives 60+ push notifications, 120+ emails, and sees more than 5,000 distinct advertisements. That makes cutting through this vast barrage

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Worth A Thousand Words: A Masterclass in Cross-Channel Rich Content

When marketers think about their customer messaging, the focus tends to be on copy, which makes sense. In the early days of email marketing and

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Ossoff DEFEATED! Ossoff VICTORIOUS!: An Email Cautionary Tale

Bad political outreach knows no partisan divide. During the 2016 U.S. presidential election, we saw a lot of poorly-conceived, ethically questionable email marketing from the

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The Changing Shape of Location-Based Marketing

The rise of mobile has fundamentally shifted customer expectations, and that’s had a major impact on their relationships with the brands they patronize. Blast messaging

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Location-Based Marketing: How It Works and Why It Matters

Before the introduction of the first iPhone back in 2007, knowing your customers’ location meant having their mailing address at your fingertips—but the location-tracking capabilities

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Election Night Push Done Right, the ABC News Way

When something big happens, news brands need a way to let their audiences know. Back in the day, that may have meant kids hawking papers

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Vivid, Personalized Email, the Jukely Way

Personalization is powerful—and one of the central keys to building strong, sustainable customer relationships in today’s mobile-first world. But for a lot of brands, personalizing

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The 1:1 Renaissance: How Personalization Strengthens Relationships

With the rise of mobile, a new view of customer/brand engagement is emerging. Or, more accurately, an older view is gaining new currency, informing how

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Marketing’s Future is Coming Fast

It’s been just over ten years since the introduction of the iPhone, and all of the predictions about how mobile was going to take over

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