Articles by Todd Grennan

9 Keys for Building a Killer Marketing Tech Stack

The marketing technology stack: some brands swear by it, while others have only the faintest inkling what a stack is or why they’d want to use

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What’s a Marketing Tech Stack, Anyway?

Before the internet, marketing could be a pretty low-tech occupation. But the rise of the web, mobile, and other emerging technologies has made digital experiences

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The Appboy Martech Partnership Stack

Marketing is all about teamwork. Sometimes that means huddling with other marketers to create a killer cross-channel messaging campaign or collaborating with your company’s business

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Go Inside the Stack at LTR 2017

Technology is changing the customer/brand relationship. Digital experiences have increasingly become the central way brands interact with their customers—whether that’s through email, mobile messaging channels

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How Pandora Made Doves Cry (Okay, Not Really) with Multichannel Messaging

It’s always important to be able to reach your audience. A no-brainer, right? After all, a discount that none of your customers know about is

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Why Are You Asking Me to Open Your App? It’s Already Open!

We’ve all had it happen. One minute you’re enjoying an app or browsing a website, having a positive experience, and the next something happens to

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Are Wearables Yesterday’s Next Big Thing?

If you want to know what technologies are on the minds of major tech brands and mobile thought leaders, Mobile World Congress (MWC) usually provides

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How Urban Outfitters Boosted Opens by 100+% and Lifted Conversions by 75%

Things move fast in marketing. It feels like there’s always something new on the horizon: new trends, new technologies, new ways of thinking about customers

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Are Dynamic Audience Filters the Next Step for Segmentation? Urban Outfitters and PlaceIQ Think So

Data is the lifeblood of modern marketing. As mobile has risen to prominence over the past decade, it’s become possible for marketers to understand and

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