B-Boy Beats: Launching on iPhone Feb 14th

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By: @razorianfly

Since the App Store’s launch back in July 2008, we’ve seen an absolute explosion in both novelty and full-featured music-based apps for the iPhone. From the very company who started it all off, MooCowMusic, showcasing their versatile suite of instrumental based apps, to arguable potentially game-changing offerings such as the digital contribution to the mobile DJ’ing experience, TouchDJ from studios like Amidio Inc. Of course we then have the new players, like RockStar Games and their celeb-endorsed Timbaland title, Beaterator.

Among them all though, one category seems to stand out as being the most popular – Games. When you bring a multi-touch interface and music-based content together, in my eyes, you’ve got sheer recipe for success. I mean, just look at Tapulous and their highly successful iPhone-exclusive franchise, Tap Tap Revenge. When the company dropped the price over the holidays, TTR3 saw 2 Million downloads. But, there’s a new player in the music game scene.

Tag Games, creators of the GTA-like diddy, Car Jack Streets for iPhone are announcing B-Boy Beats. B-Boy Beats is a unique, all action, hip hop rhythm game set in 1980’s New York City. As the lead member of a new break-dance crew looking to gain respect, you’ll need to learn the latest moves and battle other crews to claim new turf across various city locations. Gameplay rocks out on a virtual dance floor .. you just have to place your fingers on the screen and get ready to move! Simply tapping though isn’t enough to succeed in B-Boy Beats. In some instances, you must hold your fingers on the screen and wait for the next steps. Overall, there are 10 break-dance moves to learn within the game, with each one requiring even greater skill, timing and confidence to pull off. With 7 hardcore crews each breaking on their home turf to take on and ultimately beat down in your quest to be the best in the city, B-Boy Beats is probably going to keep you entertained for a while. Visually, the game looks exciting however I haven’t managed to get my hands on it fully, yet. More thorough reactions from me though, once I do!

The creators are also providing us with a full video developer diary on how their getting on with developing B-Boy Beats, over on their official YouTube channel, so we can follow them each and every step of the way. According to the studio the game is set to hit the App Store starting February 14th, with a launch price of £1.79/$2.99/€2.39.

Developer: Tag Games

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“B-Boy Beats: Launching on iPhone Feb 14th”
  • interesting app.. its nice that independent hip hop artists in many genres, dirty south, rap etc have many choices to make or buy bets. I ussually buy online but welcome all ways where an artist can get great beats…

  • I love this website, the information is great and I have bookmarked it in my favorites. This is a well organized and informative website. Great Job!

  • Thanks John. We’re continuing to look at how we can improve things in the future. Glad we’re providing value and we appreciate the feedback.