Beck's Gig Finder for iPhone Keeps You Updated and Partying

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By: Hillel Fuld

I still get a kick out of it every time I hear about a big company that has absolutely nothing to do with the mobile space releasing an iPhone app. There is of course Starbucks, Pepsi’s attempt, and now the beverage company that makes Beck’s beer. The name of the app is Gig Finder and it is the most feature packed iPhone app to find concerts and other music events available in the App Store for free.


It’s really a pretty simple concept, and an even simpler implementation of that concept. The idea is to provide users with a comprehensive, location based directory of all concerts in your area or others. The app extracts its data from the Last.FM database to give the user the most updated and relevant information. The maps that the apps used are of course based on Google Maps enabling the user to look up information about the venue. The user can then email the information to a friend and use the iPhone’s Web capabilities to find out more about the band playing included embedded YouTube videos of the band.

Gig FinderiPhonex535

The Gig Finder app offers data about gigs across the UK, US, Germany, Italy and Romania, allowing the user to search for gigs in any city. The app also saves the last 20 searches for future reference. You can also mark an event as a favorite, which also activates the iPhone’s push technology to notify you of any new updates or reminders. You can also search the app based on artists, which gives you the option of viewing an artist’s page and watching their videos, all inside the app.

gview (1)Like I said, in terms of the interface, it is designed with extreme simplicity, making it an easy to use, and efficient app if you like music, and are looking for a night out on the town. I would have liked a few more countries to be included in the list, as well as a few more social features, such as sharing the info on Twitter, but you can’t have em all. Great app for any music lover.

Our Rating: 4/5

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Developer: AB InBev

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“Beck's Gig Finder for iPhone Keeps You Updated and Partying”