Bump for iPhone Will Change the Way We Socialize

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By: Hillel Fuld

We reviewed the Business Card Reader a few days back, which uses the iPhone’s camera to share business cards between iPhone users. Bump is yet another innovative way to share data between two iPhone users. As cool as Business Card Reader is, Bump has it beat with the wow effect it will have on people who see the app in action. To sum up the app, two iPhone users open the app, choose what information they want to share with the other, then simply bump the hands that are holding the phone. The app seamlessly transfers the information you selected.

Another unique characteristic of this app is that is was officially the one billionth app downloaded from the Apple App Store. We are now standing at way over 2 billion and counting. This week, the App Store passed the 100,000 apps mark, which is also an impressive and significant milestone for Apple.


The Bump technology was developed by first year students at the University of Chicago and was explained by David Lieb, one of the founders as follows: “It monitors the accelerometers in the two phones and a smart matching algorithm running in the cloud is able to match up any two phones in the world that bump each other.” OK, that cleared things up! From what I understand, the app uses a combination of Wifi, location services, and your iPhone’s accelerometer to determine where you are and if there are other iPhones in your vicinity who are also bumping. Honestly, what is awesome about this app is that I have absolutely no clue how it works, but it works, and it works well. It takes five seconds by my watch to transfer your details to another user, and for that user to confirm the transaction.


The interface of the app is slick and intuitive with the ability to define what you send to your friends by default, and the options being your entire card, or just parts of it, such as your profile picture, your phone number, email address, or physical address. In addition, the app supports transfer of photos from your gallery, and let me emphasize that this does not use Wifi, Bluetooth, or any other file transfer protocol I am familiar with.

The app is completely simplistic and obvious when it comes to the actual UI. It does what it is meant to do, and that is it. It has three basic tabs, the My Profile, in which you customize your profile, Tell A Friend, and About. Seems I am not the only one impressed by Bump, rumor has it, they have managed to raise some nice funding and are now working on a premium app that will allow you to create multiple Bump profiles, as well as some other new features.


This is one of the few apps I have encountered that is both extremely useful and will completely blow your friends away with its technology. Many apps have that wow factor, but are useless, and many apps are extremely useful, but are either complicated, or just plain old boring. Bump has it all. I do not think it is too far fetched to say that given the iPhone’s popularity, social gatherings are going to start looking very different soon. A lot less talking and shaking hands, and a lot more bumping.

Our Rating: 5/5

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Developer: Bump

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“Bump for iPhone Will Change the Way We Socialize”