"BuzzVoice Talks" is Essentially a Talking Twitter

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By: Hillel Fuld

A common misconception people have about Twitter is that it is a tool used to update your friends on what you are doing. I know the Twitter update box says “What Are You Doing?” and I know that might have been the intention of the founders, but Twitter has evolved into so much more. Twitter is now a platform used by millions to share and access the most interesting and current content on the Web. Many people now turn to Twitter as their news source as well as an easy way to stay updated on the latest developments of whatever industry/field interests you.


For this reason, I think BuzzVoice Talks, a Web and mobile based talking app has a lot in common with Twitter. With this service, you can log in to your account on the Web, add your favorite blogs and websites to a list, then access them in very natural sounding audio from your mobile device. Before I get into details, let me say that the first thing that differentiates this app from others before it, is the close to real sounding voice that does the reading. The days of a robotic sounding voice that pays no attention to any form of punctuation are far gone. The BuzzVoice app reads to you in a voice that might not be exactly the way you would read, but it is by far the closest I have ever heard.


As for the app, it offers a mostly polished, user-friendly experience with many useful features. The following is a list of some of the features supported by the BuzzVoice platform:

  • Playlist: A list of the articles/topics you chose using the Web interface. While this is a very useful feature, it did not work properly, displaying a “Check your Connection and Try Again Later” error.
  • BuzzCast: A continuous playback of all the selected topics you chose. This is the most handy feature of the app, because it enables you to listen to all the desired content on the go, without manually selecting it one by one.
  • BuzzRadio: Real time radio streaming of the Web’s top sources. Simply choose a topic and you can start listening.
  • More Info: Every article has a blue arrow next to it that when clicked opens the actual text of the article, just in case you want to do some old fashioned reading.
  • Share: When reading the original article, you can share it across multiple platforms with one click. These include Twitter, Facebook, My Space, Digg, Reddit, and much more.
  • Source: When reading the original article in the app, you can choose to click Source at any point and view the webpage of the article or choose to open it in Safari, where it can be read in landscape mode. Very useful feature.


In conclusion, BuzzVoice is a very useful and interesting app for people who like to access new information on the go. Simply choose your interests on the Web, open the app, and let it do the work. Check out the demo in the video below.

Our Rating: 4/5

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Developer: John Atkinson & Roy Georgia

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3 Discussions on
“"BuzzVoice Talks" is Essentially a Talking Twitter”
  • Hillel, thanks for such a well-thought out review! I like your Twitter comparison.

    If you received a “Check your Connection” message when using the My Playlist feature your iPhone may dropped your Internet or 3G/2G connection for a moment.

    Thanks again!
    John Atkinson,
    BuzzVoice Co-Founder

  • Hi John,
    Thanks for the comment, glad you liked it, we should probably take this to email because I could not access the playlist, kept getting that error. Email me at hillel@appboy.com. Thanks again.