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Make It Matter: Inspire Solidarity with a Better Engagement Strategy

It happens all the time. There’s a disaster, or a political controversy, or a spontaneous protest, and suddenly an underappreciated organization finds itself thrust into

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A New Chapter for Appboy

The end of the year is a time for reflection. It is important to take stock as we set our goals for the future. Since launching Appboy just over five years ago, we have accomplished a great deal.

Track Your App Performance’s Impact on Users and Your Business [Product Spotlight]

Smartphones have undeniably become indispensable in our everyday lives, allowing us to do so much in so little time. More and more businesses have accelerated

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Trigger Automatic Messages Seamlessly With Connected Audiences [Product Spotlight]

Thank you notes, order confirmations, and personalized recommendations—these 1:1 transactional messages can be a powerful way to build closer relationships with your customers by sending

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Secure Your Data, Globally [Product Spotlight]

At Appboy, we’re committed to helping large global teams manage their growth and engagement strategies. Today, we’re pleased to announce two new features geared toward

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Why We Made an In-App Message Style Guide

Sometimes we all need a little guidance. Even when it comes to something as common in a marketer’s day as creating a user-facing message, the

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Appboy Named Forbes Cloud 100: Rising Star, and Digiday Signal Award Finalist for Best Marketing Automation Platform

Over the last few years, we have been focused on building the best-in-class CRM platform here at Appboy—from the technology to our people to our

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Appboy Canvas Allows Marketers to Visualize Campaigns as They Build [Product Announcement]

The customer journey has changed. It’s not about encouraging a single purchase anymore, and you can’t chart it as a straight line or a funnel.

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This Is What Best-in-Class Email Subject Lines Look Like

As mobile has become an increasingly central part of our everyday lives, it’s also become an essential conduit for brands to reach, engage, and retain

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What Emojis REALLY Mean to a Mobile Marketer [Infographic]

Like many people who live their lives on the internet, I’m quite excited for World Emoji Day this weekend. What is World Emoji Day, you

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