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Stay Curious, Keep It Agile, and Know What to Ask: Marketing Secrets from busuu

Editor’s Note: This installment of Relate’s “Marketer Spotlight” series features Lea Hartkopf, head of marketing at language education brand busuu. Read on to learn Lea’s

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A/B Testing and French Pressing: A Day With SoundCloud

Editor’s Note: This newest installment of the “Marketer Spotlight” series features Ed Burrows, growth marketing manager at SoundCloud. Read on to learn about how he

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Out-Hustle Yesterday: Marketing Hour by Hour With Ibotta

Editor’s Note: This newest installment of the “Marketer Spotlight” series features Derek Cann, marketing automation manager at Ibotta. Read on for his daily schedule (you

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Build a Top-Flight Mobile Marketing Department, the New York Public Radio Way

What collection of qualities makes for the most effective marketing team? We asked that very question of Peter Weingard, Chief Marketing Officer of New York

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When “Nothing Is Organic,” How Do You Track Mobile Marketing ROI?

Editor’s Note: This newest installment of the “Marketer Spotlight” series features Matt Hrushka, mobile marketing lead at Rosetta Stone. This week, he’s tackling the daily

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Focus on Company Culture First, Better Marketing Will Follow

In my quest to create smart marketing content for this blog, I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with several professionals and thought leaders in

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Don’t Struggle with Rivals—Leverage Them With Comarketing

You know who your biggest competition is. You can be found alternatively shaking your fist at them and admiring them. Maybe you resent them. Maybe

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5 Ways Our Clients Make Us a Better SaaS Company

Ask any SaaS company’s customer success manager what their day-to-day is like, and you’ll find some common themes: onboard and advise clients, respond to questions

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Appboy Is Growing Up, But Keeping It Real

I often think, founding a startup is a lot like being a new parent. As a parent you wonder: who will this baby girl be

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Only Good Content Will Save Marketers From Themselves

You can now block individual senders from your Gmail account with two simple clicks. Last week Google announced the most recent in a long history

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