Elasticr – All The Elasticated Fun You Could Ever Want!

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By @razorianfly

I have to say, I love my job. Reviewing applications of all shapes and sizes for a living barely ever gets boring. Sometimes though, things can get a little stagnant and that is why I am also always on the look out for new, unique and stand-out apps. Developed by Dlux Design Studio, Elasticr is a fun, inviting and graphically exciting offering of truly elastic magnitude. The game centers around one main character, Elasticr … a lone superhero who has the special ability of stretching to epic proportions.

Very much a physics based game, Elasticr plays out on a maze-like board, covered with various checkpoints. At the start of the game you’ll be given a total of five lives. The basic aim of the game is to drag and propel or fling Elasticr across this board, in an effort to light up all the checkpoints on the board. Moving Elasticr is as simple as dragging and sliding your finger in the opposite direction to where you want Elasticr to fly to. As you do this, you’ll see this action is also accompanied by a cool rubber-stretching sound. Once you manage to light up all the checkpoints on the current board, the end ‘portal’ will appear. Simply flinging Elasticr into this portal will throw him into the next level ahead.

As levels do progress though, you’ll find that the various rooms Elasticr finds himself in become ever more complex in their layout, with some even introducing separators you have to fling Elasticr around. If Elasticr fails to hit a sticky checkpoint, he’ll bounce off the nearest object, or just rebound in a sort of boomerang motion. Moving through the game’s levels, you’ll also find the a smattering of enemies such as aliens, robots and UFOs are introduced, adding even further challenge to Elasticr’s path. The real challenging element of this game though is getting Elasticr to actually go where you want him to end up. See, because Elasticr only has so much stretch, he also (like any airborne object) has a flight limit. For example, you may be trying to bypass an obstacle and find Elasticr ends up right back at the start. While the game is completable, it did become a tad frustrating.

As well as the in game physics being a little too strong, I also found the game to be slightly buggy. While I was playing the game for about 30 minutes on my 3GS the app crashed once, with Elasticr himself becoming stuck to a wall and virtually unmovable. So far, at least to me, its unclear what caused this bug to occur as with the SDK and iPhone OS being so advanced now, you don’t tend to hear about app-crashing bugs often, especially with the faster processor in the new 3GS.

Overall, Elasticr is a simple game. One which I have to admit, still feels a little buggy on first impressions. But, with a beautiful user interface, accompanying bouncy soundtrack and addictive gameplay, definitely considered a relatively good time-filler for its current price.

Our Rating: 4/5

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Developer: Dlux Design Studios

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