FlipSide Makes you Forget You're on A BlackBerry

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By: @Hilzfuld

Each mobile platform has major advantages and disadvantages. BlackBerry has email, but it also lacks application memory. Android has openness on its side but it also comes with some UI issues. The iPhone has its fabulous UI but it lacks flexibility. It is always fun to download an app that enhances your phone in such a way that it takes one of the major down sides of your platform and flips it on its head. This is the case with Flipside for BlackBerry.

As much as I love the email system on my BlackBerry, I cannot help but salivate when I see how iPhone users access their tunes on their phone. The BlackBerry media player leaves a lot of room for improvement. Now, I am not going to say that with Flipside, the BlackBerry turns into an iPhone when it comes to music, but it does come pretty close. With Flipside, you have cover art that enables you to navigate through your albums in a very iPhone-like UI, you can easily add playlists, as well as access all the necessary controls in a nice looking streamlined interface.

Flipside, however, does not stop there. If it could not locate the album art on your phone, you can quickly search for it online, which produced positive results in over 95% of my tests. You can also view extra information about the song, band, and album by selecting Flipside Extras in the menu. All in all, the app provides a stellar music experience to BlackBerry users, who are used to the most basic of music apps.

I did experience some issues with Flipside that left room for improvement. For one, the album art is not cached and every time you launch the app, it seems to search for the album art again, which both slows down the phone and can get very frustrating when you listen to music often. I also found that you cannot add more than one playlist, which is kinda strange, but I guess they had to leave something for the next version. The music options are pretty basic with Mute, Shuffle All, Play, Previous, and Next. The app also includes some basic shortcuts such as A to jump to the first song, O to jump to the last song, hold the trackball to add the current song to the playlist, and press the space bar to pause and play the song.

Flipside also has integrated Last.fm support, which enables you to log in to your Last.fm account, and see all your favorite artists straight from your mobile browser. You can also add the current song you are listening to, straight into your Last.fm account. One more strange minus of the app is the inability to control the volume with the app running in the background, again, not sure why they left that feature out.

All in all, Flipside is a nice addition to your BlackBerry. Is it the most revolutionary app ever developed? No, but in the world of email geeks, it will definitely change the way most people use their BlackBerrys.

Our Rating: 3/5

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Developer: Electric Pocket

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