Fring Brings Group Video Chat to Mobile Phones

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By: Hillel Fuld

Fring is an exciting mobile company that is on the forefront of VOIP and IM technology. It is also one of the only mobile apps that enables video calling between iPhone and Android users (along with Tango). However, the company just pushed the envelope once again, this time with the introduction of group video chat on a mobile device.

It is now in private beta and you can sign up here (although to sign up, you need to know the UDID or IMEI of your phone as well as the person you are going to video chat with. Who knows their friends’ phone’s UDID?)

Fring recently made headlines when Skype shut down Fring’s access to the Skype network. The funny thing is, such a move by Skype was potentially a very damaging development for Fring, yet Fring, unlike Skype, continues to flourish. Fring released video calling for iPhone well before Skype did and with Fring, it is cross platform, while Skype still does not support video calling on Android.

You can view the video of the new Fring group chat feature below. As you may notice, it is a little choppy, but that might not be Fring’s fault, and something tells me it would look very different on iPad 2.

You can download Fring for Android here and iOS here.

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