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How the Super Bowl Changes Mobile App Use: Prep Now for February 5

Every year, over a hundred million people tune in to the Super Bowl. And many of them have their smartphones in hand, actively using their

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The Secret to Improving Your App Metrics? Knowing How They’re Connected

As mobile increasingly becomes the dominant way that customers engage with brands, it’s becoming more and more important for marketers to have a mobile-first strategy

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Cyber Monday and Black Friday Data, Wins, and Missed Opportunities

Well, it’s happened. Cyber Monday 2016 has come and gone. Many publications are describing this Black Friday and Cyber Monday to be record breaking with significant

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Why Your Data Disagrees: Getting to the Bottom of Discrepancies

Your marketing world might require you to use several systems at once to track your various metrics. And, from time to time, the data might

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Americans More “Connected” on Election Day: Mobile Activity Up to 34% Higher

Last week wasn’t a typical week. At Appboy, we took a look at how election day changed our mobile habits—how much, and when, we used

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Why Marketers Should (Almost) Always Use Control Groups

Long gone may be your science-fair days of creating experiments with a hypothesis and testing the effects of an independent variable on a dependent variable,

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Push Notification Direct Opens Don’t Tell the Whole Story

What if some of the customer messages you send are more effective than you realize? You could be making marketing decisions that have the potential

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The Top 3 Ways to Calculate User Retention Rate

In 1999, NASA’s Mars Climate Orbiter burned up as it entered the Martian atmosphere. The reason? Mismeasurement. Thrust was reported by the software in newtons

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