Looks Like the iPhone 5 is Coming in Early October

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By: Hillel Fuld

Oh man, these posts are getting so old already. i know, I know, but when BGR publishes information from their source, you know it’s true. So here is how it is going to play out. This Friday, September 16th, Apple will push its latest build of iOS 5 beta 8 to developers. I have been using iOS 5 beta since its first beta and it is a HUGE step up from iOS4, especially when it comes to notifications.

On September 23rd, Apple will release a Gold Master build of iOS 5, which will then be loaded onto the iPhone 5, which is already fully assembled in China and just waiting for the final version of the OS.

BGR reports “Apple will then request that carrier partners give technical acceptance to the Gold Master by October 5th if there are no issues with it. What’s not clear is what Apple will do if the Gold Master doesn’t pass technical acceptance for some reason, though odds are it will still be loaded on the iPhone 5 at launch with a software update made available almost immediately following the device’s release.”

Based on this information, it looks like the highly anticipated iPhone 5 will be debuting in the beginning of October, which is aligned with many of the rumors that have been floating around. Of course, many folks  have different ideas of what the iPhone 5 will offer in terms of specs, but pretty much everyone is in agreement that it will have a larger display, more processing power, and a significantly enhanced camera.Take a look at what the Editor in Chief of Engadget has to say about the upcoming iPhone 5. Read the interview here.

If you are on the market for a new smartphone and want the best out there, you can either get the new Galaxy S2 or you can wait a few weeks and get an iPhone 5 that is sure to impress. I mean, when was the last time Apple released an iPhone (or pretty much any product) that didn’t impress?

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