Mashable for iPhone: All the Content You Need in One App

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If you follow me on Twitter, you know by now that I am a big fan of Mashable. In fact, if you follow anyone on Twitter, you know how many people are fans of Mashable. Mashable is the Web’s top “tech blog” in terms of its traffic.  The reason it is so popular is simply because the content that is posted on is up to date, interesting, and relevant. In addition, it is important to understand how much time and effort goes into that content. I have had the privilege of working directly with some of the Mashable staff, and the level of professionalism displayed to me was truly astounding. They have worked long and  hard to reach the current level of quality and added-value that they provide to their audience and fans on a daily basis.


For this reason, a lot of iPhone users were happy to hear that there is now a Mashable iPhone app, which offers you all the site’s content, tweets, and featured apps in the palm of your hand. The app is pretty basic in its design, but being as it is a glorified RSS reader with tweets and apps built in, no reason it should not be simple.


The fact of the matter is, many people around the world read Mashable on an hourly basis, and this app makes the whole process easier and faster for those people. In terms of the UI, there is the Home screen, which has a link to and an info button to view details about the app. Then there are a few tabs along the bottom, which is a design borrowed from the best apps on the App Store like Echofon and Tweetie.

The second tab is News, which is the website’s content, including the number of people that tweeted each article. When you click on an article, you are presented with a clean looking page on which you can read the article in its entirety.  Along the bottom of that page, there are four icons; a Next, Previous, Refresh and Close, none of which worked on the iPod I was using to conduct this review.


When viewing the article, you can also easily retweet articles but you need to be signed in to Twitter in Safari, how cool would it be if it opened Tweetie to perform this action?

The next tab is called Twitter, and when you click it, you are presented with a nicely designed stream of @mashable’s tweets. When clicking one of the tweets, the app opens up what seems to be a Safari page from within the app allowing you to read the article in the tweet. Why not bring you to the previous tab?


The fourth and final tab is the Apps tab, in which you will find Mashable’s featured apps, which I am assuming are paid for and not based on positive reviews, since iFart is number one… When you click one of the apps, Safari is launched and the app is displayed within the device’s built in App Store allowing you to read about the app and purchase/download it. Once you do that, no way back to your previous screen in the Mashable App, you will need to close the App Store and open the app again, but that seems to be an Apple problem, not a Mashable one.


All in all, the Mashable app is useful, nicely designed, and simplistic. It incorporates a lot of options for the heavy Twitter user, as well as the millions of Mashable readers. There were a few unclear aspects to the app, but I would recommend it to anyone looking for great content to share on Twitter.

Our Rating:4/5

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Developer: Mashable

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