New Windows Phone Ad Will Make you Smile! Mission Accomplished by Microsoft

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By: Hillel Fuld

Forget the battle over market share, all the major mobile players are taking the war to TV and advertising. Apple is well known for its iPhone ads and the latest three ads for the iPhone 4S do not disappoint. Watch them here. You can also see the latest iPod Touch ad here.

Google released an ad last week for the new iPad search app and it is also pretty awesome. Watch that here. The award, however, goes to Samsung for truly taking off the gloves in its battle against Apple. While the judges decide whose claim is justified of the two companies’. Samsung decided to take on Apple fanboys worldwide with a new ad and it is awesome. See it here.

Wait, so we have Apple, we have Google, and we have Samsung. Where is Microsoft in all this? After all, Windows Phone is expected to surpass iOS in market share in the coming years, so where is the buzz? Oh, Microsoft has been making buzz, don’t worry about them, just the wrong kind. See here and here. Not good, Microsoft, not good at all.

Of course, the new Nokia Lumia devices running Windows Phone are the talk of the town having been sold out in the UK and expected to sell over 2 million devices in Q4.

Well, one cannot talk about Windows Phone ads without mentioning the famous and awesome ad “Really?”. LOVE THAT AD! See it here.

I am happy to report Microsoft stepped up its game with a new ad for Windows Phone and Windows 7. Maybe Microsoft’s version of Siri, Tellme is not where it should be, but the functionality supported by One Note on Windows Phone, namely the ability to write something from a PC and have it updated on a Windows Phone in real time, is pretty fantastic.

Now, don’t get me wrong. In theory, this is just a glorified SMS/iMessage but updating a list from a PC and viewing the changes on your smartphone in real time has so many practical uses, one of which is depicted in a humorous way in the ad below.

Good Job Microsoft, keep em comin.

Thanks @efink for the tip and the explanation.

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“New Windows Phone Ad Will Make you Smile! Mission Accomplished by Microsoft”