Pocket God To Arrive As Comic Series?

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By @razorianfly

If you cast your minds back to January 2009, you might remember the introduction of a little thing called Pocket God. Created and designed by iPhone development studio Bolt Creative, Pocket God came at a time when the App Store really needed something new, something fresh. The game took the usual list of gaming rules and regulations and threw them out the nearest window, leaving behind a virtual world which you controlled truly under your own terms. Unsurprisingly, because of this, Pocket God became one of the most well known (not to mention well-loved), App Store titles to date. For the first time, the user was in absolute complete control of what happened in-game. They called the shots.

The game sees you instantly become “God” over the islands (admittedly cute) inhabitants (the Pygmies) and surrounding features. Each week since its launch, we’ve had the chance to control a different aspect of the island or its inhabitants, and considering the series is now up to its 30th episode, its fair to say that you can now control almost everything you can touch. From the current weather condition, to sharks with lasers, fishing, jumping on the clouds doodle-jump style (mini-game), turning the pygmies into walking zombies, have them eaten by hungry ants and dropping boulders on them … The list just goes on! This latest episode adds the ability to pinch the sun causing the island to heat up or freeze (along with the Pygmies). There is also the introduction of the squid monster while fishing, and an expendable in-app purchase which adds 7 new ‘dance moves’ to the Pygmies.

Now though, Bolt Creative are about to take Pocket God one step further. Having paired up with indie comic company Ape Entertainment, the firms have signed a deal to bring Pocket God to us as a physical paperback comic book. Not surprisingly, both are overly excited about the move – and who can blame them? … Bringing a 2 Million+ fan base along for the ride. The comic book will be published by established digital comic book publisher iVerse Media, and delivered initially as a digital four issue mini-series with print issues and paperback coming later.

An interesting move I’m sure you’ll agree. Personally, I think Pocket God and the world of the Pygmies are perfect material for the physical (and digital) comic scene. You can read an interview with both Dave Castelnuovo of Bolt Creative and David Hedgecock of Ape Entertainment, over at Comic Book Resources.

Developer: Bolt Creative

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