Reebok Joins the Long List of Corporations with iPhone Apps

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By: Hillel Fuld

Reebok has joined forces with Digital design studio ustwo™ in collaboration with leading mobile marketing agency Inside Mobile to develop an iPhone app that offers consumers exclusive promotions on Reebok merchandise. The name of the game is iSprint and it is available in the App Store for free. iSprint turns your iPhone/iPod Touch into a 100 meter racetrack, offering you the ability to race against the game or to pair the device via bluetooth with another iPhone, and race against a friend. This is actually one of the first iPhone apps to offer such a feature.


Using the app, and at the touch of a finger, you run (or sprint to be more accurate) as fast as you can hoping to beat your opponent. In addition to its competitive nature, the app also uploads all race results to a global scoreboard, and offers Reebok promotions  and exclusive voucher codes for Reebok apparel to players who excelled. These vouchers are then redeemable on the Reebok website. The faster you run, the greater the discounts, so the app gives you incentive to play hard, not just for fun, but for actual prizes.


Mills at ustwo™, said: “This is a great app not only in terms of its design, look and feel but the game play is infectious. Reebok is keen to reward its loyal customers and the use of promotional codes dependent on the users skills in the game and whereabouts in the world is a great feature.”

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The app offers you four possible tracks to run on, there is outdoor, indoor, grass, and tarmac. In addition, when completing the race (during your stretching session), you are presented with geographically targeted , full-screen ads, giving Reebok the ability to offer relevant promotions based on your location, another impressive use of the iPhone’s advanced capabilities.

Other apps from ustwo™ include MouthOff, Steppin, and Dot.

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