Worth A Thousand Words: A Masterclass in Cross-Channel Rich Content

When marketers think about their customer messaging, the focus tends to be on copy, which makes sense. In the early days of email marketing and

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Ossoff DEFEATED! Ossoff VICTORIOUS!: An Email Cautionary Tale

Bad political outreach knows no partisan divide. During the 2016 U.S. presidential election, we saw a lot of poorly-conceived, ethically questionable email marketing from the

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Election Night Push Done Right, the ABC News Way

When something big happens, news brands need a way to let their audiences know. Back in the day, that may have meant kids hawking papers

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How Dots Used Smart Segmentation to Boost Total Revenue by 33%

Customer engagement is key to your brand’s long-term success, but engagement on its own isn’t enough. Without the ability to turn that engagement into an

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Meet the LTR 2017 Brain Trust

Technology keeps changing—and customer preferences and exceptions change with it. To keep up brands need the right marketing technology stack to support and optimize their

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It’s my party, and I’ll open your push if I want to

I just had a birthday—not just any birthday either, it was the first one since I started at Appboy, the leading global lifecycle engagement platform.

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How Urban Outfitters Boosted Opens by 100+% and Lifted Conversions by 75%

Things move fast in marketing. It feels like there’s always something new on the horizon: new trends, new technologies, new ways of thinking about customers

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How Saucey Uses Conversion Tracking to Speed New Purchases

Many people are willing to “try something once,” but they may well not return for a second conversion. (Maybe they’ve forgotten about your app or

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How Delivery Hero Got 85% More Conversions

As a mobile marketer, your priorities may seem at odds with one another: Deliver enough audience growth to impress investors and help your app compete

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How In-App Promotion Got Anthropologie 10% More User Sessions

You’ve attracted users to download your app, and your colleagues, leadership team, and other stakeholders who seek out regular mobile performance updates have (hopefully) been

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