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How Dots Used Smart Segmentation to Boost Total Revenue by 33%

Customer engagement is key to your brand’s long-term success, but engagement on its own isn’t enough. Without the ability to turn that engagement into an

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How Urban Outfitters Boosted Opens by 100+% and Lifted Conversions by 75%

Things move fast in marketing. It feels like there’s always something new on the horizon: new trends, new technologies, new ways of thinking about customers

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How Saucey Uses Conversion Tracking to Speed New Purchases

Many people are willing to “try something once,” but they may well not return for a second conversion. (Maybe they’ve forgotten about your app or

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How Delivery Hero Got 85% More Conversions

As a mobile marketer, your priorities may seem at odds with one another: Deliver enough audience growth to impress investors and help your app compete

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How In-App Promotion Got Anthropologie 10% More User Sessions

You’ve attracted users to download your app, and your colleagues, leadership team, and other stakeholders who seek out regular mobile performance updates have (hopefully) been

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How 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Upped Conversions 350% Above Average

If you work in ecommerce, then a top challenge for your business is likely shopping cart abandonment. And you’re not alone: the average documented shopping

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Why We Made an In-App Message Style Guide

Sometimes we all need a little guidance. Even when it comes to something as common in a marketer’s day as creating a user-facing message, the

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iHeartRadio’s Unique Strategy for Driving Mobile Engagement

Editor’s Note: We’re excited to be kicking off a new series, “Marketer Spotlight” with Maria Bonello, marketing engagement coordinator at iHeartMedia. We’re asking mobile marketers what

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The Art and Science Behind NASCAR’s Mobile Messaging

At NASCAR, our approach to mobile push notifications is one part math, one part art—what we feel is a nicely blended strategy that incorporates both

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Location Marketing Tips from Discovery and Lollapalooza

What is location-based targeting in marketing? In the most simple terms, it’s when a brand adjusts customer outreach based on the physical location of each

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