System Panel for Android App Review

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There are a lot of task killers in the Android market. In fact, just a few months ago, the most popular apps in the Android market were task killers. That was until Froyo came out and provided better memory management on the system side. That doesn’t mean a task killer isn’t needed, it just means that the task killer you are using needs more features. System Panel is just that, but on the expensive side of the market, at $2.99.

This isn’t an app with just one feature, it has a ton of features. The obvious feature this application has is killing tasks. However, the developer of this application states that they don’t want you to blindly kill apps randomly. There is a whole list of reasons as to when and why you would want to kill apps.

He also explains when applications are actually draining battery and when they aren’t. The main goal this developer had when making this app was to help you save battery life. Rather than providing automatic task killing, he provides an application monitoring system. You can set the system monitor to keep track of all your applications and the amount of battery life they use. This way you can choose which apps you want to kill rather than randomly killing apps yourself.

This application also has a monitor that shows your CPU and memory use so you can see how hard your phone is working at any given time. Lastly, this application has an installer/uninstaller. So you can install/or uninstall applications with this application. If you find an app that is simply using too much battery and you want to remove it from your phone, you can do so directly within this application.

I highly recommend this application for multiple reasons. The app is extremely useful, it has a nice user interface, and the developer is really smart and informative. You can read everything there is know about memory and battery management within the app. Just head over to the Frequently Asked Questions section within the app to find out everything there is to know.

The application is not free. It will run you $2.99. It is definitely worth your while. However, if your not feeling confident enough to jump into a $2.99 purchase, you can certainly try the LITE version which is also in the Android market for free. So if your tired of using old task killers that don’t do anything but kill apps, then this is certainly the app for you.

Our Rating: 4/5

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