Interactive Marketing Is Powered by the Right Data: Here’s How

For each campaign, you might define a best-case-scenario funnel that brings a user from initial message, through various engagement touchpoints, all the way through to

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Cyber Monday and Black Friday Data, Wins, and Missed Opportunities

Well, it’s happened. Cyber Monday 2016 has come and gone. Many publications are describing this Black Friday and Cyber Monday to be record breaking with significant

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Are You Using All 5 Personalized Marketing Tactics?

It wasn’t that long ago that the capability to seamlessly add a user’s first name to communications or online experiences was an exciting way to

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Push Notification Alternatives: How To Reach Users Who Are Opted Out

As a smart digital marketer, you’re likely spending most of your days skillfully combining your four channels—push notifications, emails, in-app and in-browser messages, and News

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The Secrets of Customer Segmentation Strategy

Know thy users. Then, segment them. Customer segmentation strategies are key for relevant and effective mobile marketing. Sending campaigns to smaller, thoughtfully constructed segments (vs.

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Are Your App User Acquisition Dollars Going to Waste?

Are you paying for thousands of customers every month, but only keeping hundreds? Many apps are. App user acquisition is often a focus of marketing

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Break the “Rules” of Transactional Messages Like Slack and Uber

For many organizations, transactional and promotional emails exist in separate, distinct worlds. They co-exist, rather than overlap. The reason why makes sense: logistics and customer

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Web Push Notifications Have Changed Marketing—And Your Job—Forever

I love my iPhone. It never leaves my side. The first thing I do in the morning is roll over and with one eye open,

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The New Rules of Writing for Mobile Audiences

Let’s face it: writing copy for short mobile messages is a challenge disproportionate to the length of what you’re creating. In other words, it’s pretty

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What Customer Engagement Actually Means and How It’s Done

Think of marketing as a soccer game. For the first half, your focus is on taking the lead and acquiring as many customers as possible.

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