customer retention

Today’s Churned Users Could be Tomorrow’s Power Users

You did everything right. You got their attention, they engaged with your product, they even filled out their personal information for you. Things were looking

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New Habits for Customers: 3 Brands that Have Perfected the Daily Ritual

It’s no secret that retaining new users isn’t easy. If your brand can’t find ways to get new customers to log sessions in your app,

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11 Welcome Campaigns That Really Get It

When it comes to customer retention, the importance of onboarding cannot be overstated. Just one onboarding-related push notification sent during the first week of customer

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Retention Marketing: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How To Get Started

Marketing is in a transition period. Over the last ten years, the rise of mobile has changed the marketing landscape by giving brands new ways

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Less Than 25% of New App Users Return the Day After First Use (Here’s What to Do About It)

Your customers are the core of your business. No matter how good your products are, or how compelling your brand story, if you can’t get

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Make It Easy for Customers to Make Your Brand a Habit

For the average person, the rise of mobile has made things easier. Traffic warnings and subway updates reach you wherever you are. Taking a high-quality

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To Dominate the Next Big Thing, Build Long-Term Customer Relationships

Mobile is the preferred channel of an increasingly large percentage of consumers–there are over 2 billion smartphones in use and 71% of people sleep with

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How to Inspire Consistent Engagement (and Boost Retention, Too)

Earlier this month, Appboy (AKA us!) published new research that uncovered a direct correlation between how consistently a customer engages with an app and the

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Be Your Customers’ Ritual: Consistent Engagement Results in 90% Audience Retention after One Month

Rituals support healthy relationships. Whether or not you regularly make the time to have coffee with a friend will affect if you stay close over

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