deep linking

How Pandora Made Doves Cry (Okay, Not Really) with Multichannel Messaging

It’s always important to be able to reach your audience. A no-brainer, right? After all, a discount that none of your customers know about is

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Where’s This Push Notification Taking Me?

We’ve all had it happen. One minute you’re enjoying an app or browsing a website, having a positive experience, and the next something happens that

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How In-App Promotion Got Anthropologie 10% More User Sessions

You’ve attracted users to download your app, and your colleagues, leadership team, and other stakeholders who seek out regular mobile performance updates have (hopefully) been

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Wish We’d Thought of That: Mobile Marketing That Impresses Marketers

When you’re really enthusiastic (read: nerdy) about being a marketer, it’s almost impossible to take promotions, campaigns, and messaging at face value. The reason? At

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The Deep Linking Difference—And What It Could Mean for Your Brand [Branch Metrics Partnership]

A few weeks ago, a food and drinks app sent a push notification telling recipients that they were eligible to receive free cups of coffee

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How Deep Linking Can Double Conversion, Increase Retention, and Boost Engagement

Today’s savvy mobile marketer is familiar with the term deep linking, but not necessarily fully versed in what it means for their product, and how

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6 Mobile Marketing Trends to Expect in 2016

There’s good reason that mobile demands so much of our mindshare. Just this year, the number of mobile-only internet users surpassed that of desktop-only, according

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Use Deep Linking From Push to Inspire Desired In-App Actions [Product Update]

Appboy has made it easier than ever to deep link from push notifications. Our recent iOS and Android SDK releases have helped us seamlessly support

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