How Data and Emotion Power Smart Holiday Marketing

Over the last decade, mobile devices have entrenched themselves in nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives. 72% of U.S. adults own a smartphone and

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What Emojis REALLY Mean to a Mobile Marketer [Infographic]

Like many people who live their lives on the internet, I’m quite excited for World Emoji Day this weekend. What is World Emoji Day, you

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The Rise and Rise of Emoji Marketing

Emojis are blowing up. Five years ago, they were all but unknown outside of Japan. But following Apple’s 2011 decision to add emoji support to

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How Media Brands Can Spice Up Their Marketing with Emojis 😂💯👏

If you work in media and entertainment marketing then you’re likely no stranger to emojis and their rise 📈 in push notifications, email campaigns, social

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Emojis Are Now Used in 777% More Campaigns Than Last Year [Infographic]

In today’s Information Age, people are exposed to brands hundreds, if not thousands, of times every day. With this level of information overload, brands are

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Emojis: Why 👻👏😱 Might Be Just What Your Marketing Needs

It sometimes feels like every passing day brings with it some new technology, social platform, or outreach channel that marketers have to stay on top

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The Word of the Year is Not a Word

2015 is the year of the emoji. National Emoji Day celebrated its first birthday in July, Taco Bell successfully petitioned for the creation of a

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