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How Dots Used Smart Segmentation to Boost Total Revenue by 33%

Customer engagement is key to your brand’s long-term success, but engagement on its own isn’t enough. Without the ability to turn that engagement into an

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New Habits for Customers: 3 Brands that Have Perfected the Daily Ritual

It’s no secret that retaining new users isn’t easy. If your brand can’t find ways to get new customers to log sessions in your app,

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13 Dos and Don’ts for Asking Customers to Rate Your App

There’s a lot that can be gained by asking your customers to rate your app. For one, when the reviews that result are positive, they

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5 Low-Effort In-App Message Tricks That Pay Off

Ready to take on in-app messaging as a new channel for your multichannel marketing strategy, or looking to improve upon what you’re already doing with

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Personalization for Beginners: Hi, {{${first_name}}}

Personalization is a powerful tool. But if you don’t have any experience using it as part of your customer outreach, it can be a little

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How To Hold Onto At-Risk Customers

Everyone loses customers. It’s an unfortunate fact of life. Sometimes they ghost on you and disappear without any warning. And sometimes they give you every

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What The New York Times Can Teach You About Switching Up Your Messaging Strategy

The New York Times recently published a candid post looking at the way they use push notifications, and the challenges and wins they’ve had in

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Set the Stage for Web Push by Mastering In-Browser Messages

Web push notifications are happening. You’ve probably already had a few sites ask permission to send them to you. It’s early, but web push has a

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In-App Messaging: The Versatile Channel You’re Probably Not Using (But Should Be!)

When you’re looking to communicate with your customers, there are a number of different messaging channels open to you, each with its own traits. You’ve

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