Multivariate testing

13 Push Notification Dos and Don’ts

Push notifications have been a game changer for the mobile landscape. With their unique ability to reach users that aren’t actively engaged, they can provide

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Why Marketers Should (Almost) Always Use Control Groups

Long gone may be your science-fair days of creating experiments with a hypothesis and testing the effects of an independent variable on a dependent variable,

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A/B vs. Multivariate Testing: When to Use Each

These days, marketing decisions need to happen quickly. Audience attention spans are fleeting, and information overload is the new norm online. As marketers, it’s essential

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Nail the Essentials: A 10-Point Mobile Onboarding Checklist

There’s no doubt that a proper onboarding campaign is essential to mobile marketing success. Your onboarding campaign is the first step to building a long-term

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5 Rules for Smart Multivariate Testing

A campaign that doesn’t resonate with your customers is more than just a lost opportunity—it’s a problem. Too many irrelevant messages can lead to messaging

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Use Appboy’s New Report to Make the Most of Multivariate Testing

As mobile marketing grows evermore significant and complex, relying on instinct to guide your user outreach is an increasingly risky proposition. Thankfully, the rise of

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5 Simple Ways to Get Started With Multivariate Testing

It’s the age of information. While intuition still plays a part in success, marketers in a mobile world are challenged to deliver positive ROI on

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