How to Keep Your Customers Engaged When Things Change

Working in marketing, you have to learn to adapt to—and embrace—change. After all, evolving as a marketer can both help you advance your career and

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5 Mobile Onboarding Principles for Wooing New Users

Every month (being the loyal mobile user I am), I browse through Apple’s App Store looking for new apps to download. I’ll usually try five

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13 Push Notification Dos and Don’ts

Push notifications have been a game changer for the mobile landscape. With their unique ability to reach users that aren’t actively engaged, they can provide

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11 Welcome Campaigns That Really Get It

When it comes to customer retention, the importance of onboarding cannot be overstated. Just one onboarding-related push notification sent during the first week of customer

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Tell Your Customers the Whole Story

Honesty is important for any relationship, but especially relationships with customers interacting with your mobile marketing. Since you can’t meet in person, your messaging and

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Nail the Essentials: A 10-Point Mobile Onboarding Checklist

There’s no doubt that a proper onboarding campaign is essential to mobile marketing success. Your onboarding campaign is the first step to building a long-term

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To Dominate the Next Big Thing, Build Long-Term Customer Relationships

Mobile is the preferred channel of an increasingly large percentage of consumers–there are over 2 billion smartphones in use and 71% of people sleep with

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5 Winning Campaigns to Get You Started with In-App Messages

You need a better way to engage the people who use your app or visit your website. You want to diversify your outreach beyond just push

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3 Easy Onboarding Tips to Help You Get It Right From the Start

If your brand is serious about mobile, you need to be serious about your onboarding campaign. As Appboy CRO Myles Kleeger recently explained, sustainable long-term

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