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Are Dynamic Audience Filters the Next Step for Segmentation? Urban Outfitters and PlaceIQ Think So

Data is the lifeblood of modern marketing. As mobile has risen to prominence over the past decade, it’s become possible for marketers to understand and

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How Saucey Charms with Promotional Push

If you’ve got a smartphone (and don’t make a point of always opting out of push), the odds are good that a significant number of

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13 Push Notification Dos and Don’ts

Push notifications have been a game changer for the mobile landscape. With their unique ability to reach users that aren’t actively engaged, they can provide

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8 Times Push Notifications Would’ve Changed History

While push notifications have only been around since 2009, they’ve become such game-changers for marketers doing the sending and customers doing the receiving and reading

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Push Notifications Changed a lot in 2016: Get the Scoop

A lot happened in 2016 in mobile and marketing tech, especially when it comes to push notifications. Push notifications are becoming more sophisticated across platforms

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How The Walking Dead App Slays Push Notifications

Push is special. At least in my world, unless I think I might really want to hear from you, you do not get permission. It’s

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This Message Is Perfectly Designed to Get Push Opt-Ins

If you find yourself behind the wheel on a journey that’s related to your income, you’re entitled to claim $.54 for every mile you drive.

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When to Use Push vs. Email for Re-Engagement Campaigns

Early and consistent app engagement is essential for long-term customer retention, and re-engagement strategies can help make that a reality. Sometimes people need a little

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9 Rules for a Top-Flight Push Notification Strategy

In the mobile space, it can sometimes feel like push notifications are all that anybody wants to talk about. What push notifications are. How they

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How 1 MapQuest Campaign Made Users 1,000% More Likely to Share Their Data

Success in today’s digital-first marketplace isn’t about a single purchase or a single brand/customer interaction: it’s about taking effective advantage of today’s unprecedented data collection

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