The Flipboard 1.2 Update Just Made Something Great, Fantastic!

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By: Hillel Fuld

The iPad has definitely changed more industries than almost any product before it. One of these industries is the magazine and newspaper industries. Some might say it even killed them.

When Flipboard was first released, it created unprecedented waves and hype. Unlike many products before and after Flipboard, that buzz never really died down. In fact, so many apps have since been released that are intended to compete with Flipboard and provide a superior content experience for the iPad. Unfortunately, as I tweeted, none of them really succeeded.

Zite, for example, is another iPad magazine app that tried, and as Scoble points out, Zite comes close, but doesn’t quite make it to the level of Flipboard.

Flipboard is the app I use to show off the capabilities of the iPad to a person who has never seen it before, and the response is always the same; “Wow”! However, whenever I did show off my Flipboard, while the response was always positive, I felt that the app was a little too slow and missing some final touches. The newest update, Flipboard 1.2 answered all my needs, and then some.

Some of the improvements that are included in Flipboard 1.2 include Instagram support, making the experience of browsing Instagram better on Flipboard than on Instagram itself. Other additions include a new social search, which enables you to search a term and get results from all your social graphs including Flickr and Instagram, Facebook Pages and Groups, and tweets that mention the term.

However, for me, the biggest improvement of Flipboard 1.2 is by far the performance improvements. To sum it up, Flipboard now moves as fast as it should, and now when turning a page in Flipboard, you really do feel like you are reading a magazine. It is that fast.

As I told the founder of Flipboard, Mike McCue on Twitter, I am absolutely loving this update and it just proves what I knew from the first day Flipboard was released. The Flipboard team is a super talented and hard working team that truly knows how to make a superior product. I, for one, am very excited to see what’s next.


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“The Flipboard 1.2 Update Just Made Something Great, Fantastic!”