Are Dynamic Audience Filters the Next Step for Segmentation? Urban Outfitters and PlaceIQ Think So

Data is the lifeblood of modern marketing. As mobile has risen to prominence over the past decade, it’s become possible for marketers to understand and

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Curious What Messages Your Customers Want to Receive? Just Ask!

For today’s marketer, personalization and segmentation can feel like a double-edged sword. The rise of digital marketing tools has made it possible to target your

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Today’s Churned Users Could be Tomorrow’s Power Users

You did everything right. You got their attention, they engaged with your product, they even filled out their personal information for you. Things were looking

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Mobile Marketing Folk Wisdom: 6 “Rules” That Aren’t Always True

As mobile has gone from emerging technology to the center of many people’s lives, we’ve seen a number of mobile marketing principles and strategies come

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Stand Out on Mobile Marketing’s Red Carpet: How to Put Together an Effective Oscars Strategy

The Academy Awards is the biggest night of awards season—Hollywood’s Super Bowl. While its viewership is smaller than  the Super Bowl, the Oscars is the

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New Habits for Customers: 3 Brands that Have Perfected the Daily Ritual

It’s no secret that retaining new users isn’t easy. If your brand can’t find ways to get new customers to log sessions in your app,

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Is Your Western Mindset Hindering Your Global Marketing?

Years ago, while I was working for a multinational publishing company, a team from our China office came to visit. On their first day, they

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Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Platform

If you’ve ever spoken to a financial advisor, you’ve probably been given the advice to “diversify your portfolio.” The tip is simple: don’t put all

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How the Brooklyn Public Library Drives In-Person Engagement with Email

We all get a lot of email. With office workers receiving an average of 121 emails a day (and more when they’re not on the

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