How Urban Outfitters Drives Event Attendance Using Cross-Channel Messaging

Sometimes, what makes a campaign great isn’t the messages within it, but the way they work together to give customers a seamless, engaging flow that’s

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How Brand Personality Helps You Connect with Users

For brands, providing concrete value is key: it’s hard to build and maintain a strong, loyal user base without showing your audience the benefits that

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How to Keep from Alienating Customers with Over-Communication

Modern customer messaging can often feel like a balancing act. Brands want to keep their outreach responsive and relevant, so they turn to triggered messaging

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How App Indexing Changes the Game

When entrepreneurs set out to create a new consumer app, it’s likely they’re striving for the success enjoyed by giants like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat—apps

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3 Mobile Tactics that Power Smart Travel Marketing

  In the decade since the introduction of the first iPhone, the rise of mobile has had a major impact on virtually every industry—upending entrenched

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App Subscriptions: Get Customers to Make the Jump (and Stay There)

For mobile apps, customer acquisition can be tough. You’ve got to prove value to convince customers to allocate space on their phones for your company’s

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Decide What Your Values Are—And Stick to Them

What does your brand stand for? Your company’s values are at the heart of everything you do. Without a firm grip on what your brand

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Alexa Will Support Notifications—But Should You Send Them?

Over the last three years, digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo have become an increasingly common presence in homes, with the percentage of

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Are Mobile Web Pages the New Mobile Apps?

There was a time when mobile apps were considered an innovative technology. In 2010, the word “app” was named “Word of the Year” by the

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7 Mobile-Savvy Retails Brands to Learn From

As mobile becomes more and more central to everyday life, it’s essential that brands find ways to take advantage of mobile to drive engagement and

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