Is Auto the Next Big Digital Engagement Platform?

Over the past few years, voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant have gone from sci-fi fodder to regular parts of  our

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The 1:1 Renaissance: How Personalization Strengthens Relationships

With the rise of mobile, a new view of customer/brand engagement is emerging. Or, more accurately, an older view is gaining new currency, informing how

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Is SMS Over? How It Fits into Your Cross-Channel Strategy

For a lot of people, Short Message Service (SMS) was their introduction to mobile marketing. Before push notifications, before you could easily check email on

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There’s No One Mobile Experience: How Push Differs on Android and iOS

These days, it’s common knowledge that the bulk of today’s mobile engagement takes place on platforms controlled by two dominant brands: Apple and Google. And

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5 Brands Sending Fourth of July Messages Worth Celebrating

Ah, Independence Day—that annual excuse to bust out your grill, watch pyrotechnic experts practice their craft, and dress in an excessively patriotic fashion. It’s also

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How momondo Increased Conversions By More than 60%

With travel and hospitality businesses—startups and established players, alike—offering a veritable all-you-can-eat continental breakfast of options for travelers, there are more choices than ever when

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Pack your bags: These 5 Brands are Changing How We Book Travel

It wasn’t that long ago that planning a trip required a lot of preparation, organization, and added considerable weight to your luggage, what with all

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How Urban Outfitters Drives Event Attendance Using Cross-Channel Messaging

Sometimes, what makes a campaign great isn’t the messages within it, but the way they work together to give customers a seamless, engaging flow that’s

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How Brand Personality Helps You Connect with Users

For brands, providing concrete value is key: it’s hard to build and maintain a strong, loyal user base without showing your audience the benefits that

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How to Keep from Alienating Customers with Over-Communication

Modern customer messaging can often feel like a balancing act. Brands want to keep their outreach responsive and relevant, so they turn to triggered messaging

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