Are You Ready for Mobile Marketing’s Biggest Game?

The Super Bowl is America’s most-watched television event of the year. Last year, the big game had nearly 112 million viewers! That’s more than one-third

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Two Open Rate Drivers That Too Many Email Marketers Are Overlooking

As an email marketer, I spend a lot of time talking to other industry professionals. A common refrain among metric-driven marketers is to lament over

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A Mini-Guide to Behavioral Email Marketing

In today’s marketing world, the campaign is king. Marketers create a promotion or offer, send a promotional message to a relevant segment of their audience

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5 Mobile Onboarding Principles for Wooing New Users

Every month (being the loyal mobile user I am), I browse through Apple’s App Store looking for new apps to download. I’ll usually try five

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How JetBlue Takes Transactional Push to New Heights

When it comes to using push notifications to keep users up to speed about urgent transactional information, nobody does it better than travel and transportation

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How Saucey Charms with Promotional Push

If you’ve got a smartphone (and don’t make a point of always opting out of push), the odds are good that a significant number of

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7 Active Customer Campaigns We Have a Marketing Crush On

Certain groups of customers get lots of attention—people who’ve just joined your email list, shoppers who abandon carts, app users who are lapsing, and members

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How to Acquire and Retain Millennial App Users

From tweeting the word “fleek” to participating in the Mannequin Challenge, app marketers around the world are itching to capture millennials’ attention. Millennials have been

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13 Push Notification Dos and Don’ts

Push notifications have been a game changer for the mobile landscape. With their unique ability to reach users that aren’t actively engaged, they can provide

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