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Ossoff DEFEATED! Ossoff VICTORIOUS!: An Email Cautionary Tale

Bad political outreach knows no partisan divide. During the 2016 U.S. presidential election, we saw a lot of poorly-conceived, ethically questionable email marketing from the

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This is How You Get App Users to Refer Their Friends

It’s becoming more and more important for brands to prove their value to users at every stage of the customer lifecycle. That can mean onboarding,

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Election Night Push Done Right, the ABC News Way

When something big happens, news brands need a way to let their audiences know. Back in the day, that may have meant kids hawking papers

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What a Cross-Channel Re-Engagement Campaign Really Looks Like

Customer acquisition can be a challenge—but it’s not the end of the game. With the majority of users dropping off within days of downloading, it’s

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4 QSR Brands to Emulate on Mobile

As mobile becomes increasingly central to the way that people live their lives and interact with brands, businesses worldwide are being forced to rethink their

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Vivid, Personalized Email, the Jukely Way

Personalization is powerful—and one of the central keys to building strong, sustainable customer relationships in today’s mobile-first world. But for a lot of brands, personalizing

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The 1:1 Renaissance: How Personalization Strengthens Relationships

With the rise of mobile, a new view of customer/brand engagement is emerging. Or, more accurately, an older view is gaining new currency, informing how

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Is SMS Over? How It Fits into Your Cross-Channel Strategy

For a lot of people, Short Message Service (SMS) was their introduction to mobile marketing. Before push notifications, before you could easily check email on

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There’s No One Mobile Experience: How Push Differs on Android and iOS

These days, it’s common knowledge that the bulk of today’s mobile engagement takes place on platforms controlled by two dominant brands: Apple and Google. And

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