UberTwitter: The Best BlackBerry Twitter Client, Hands Down!

Before I started using a BlackBerry as my primary mobile device, I was using a basic Samsung for my phone calls and an iPod Touch for my social and Web related needs. I was using TwitterFon (now known as Echofon) as my primary Twitter client (ahem, you can follow me here), and I loved it (still do). When I unboxed my new Bold, one of the first things I downloaded was a Twitter client, which at the time, happened to have been TwitterBerry, based on what my friends were using. That did not go well.

IM+ for iPhone Will Keep You Connected At All Times on All Networks

Every industry has its dominant companies. The auto industry has Ford and Toyota, the consumer electronics industry has Sony and Panasonic, the mobile industry has Apple and Nokia, and the mobile app development world has Shape Services. Shape have made a name for themselves as a market leader with their wide portfolio of killer apps, with the flagship one being IM+.

Echofon: A Simple, Feature-Packed Twitter App for iPhone

What kind of app review bog would we be without the occasional Twitter app review? I don’t think I need to tell you about the popularity of Twitter or iPhone, and it is that exact popularity that makes the iPhone Twitter app arena a crowded one. However, although there are probably close to 20 apps to tweet on the iPhone, I think it is safe to say that most Twitter users prefer to use one of three apps: Echofon, Tweetie, and Tweetdeck.

"BuzzVoice Talks" is Essentially a Talking Twitter

A common misconception people have about Twitter is that it is a tool used to update your friends on what you are doing. I know the Twitter update box says “What Are You Doing?” and I know that might have been the intention of the founders, but Twitter has evolved into so much more. Twitter is now a platform used by millions to share and access the most interesting and current content on the Web. Many people now turn to Twitter as their news source as well as an easy way to stay updated on the latest developments of whatever industry/field interests you.

Fring: Cutting Edge IM/VOIP on Various Mobile Platforms

One of the very first apps I installed when first opening my new iPod Touch was Fring. Fring is a mobile app that supports multiple platforms including iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and even Java. The app enables you first and foremost to make VOIP calls on your mobile device, cutting your costs significantly. Until recently, Fring only worked over Wifi, which meant if you were not located in a Wifi hotspot, you could not take advantage of Fring’s VOIP capabilities. As of this week, Apple and AT&T approved the ability to make VOIP calls over 3G, giving apps like Fring even more of an edge for its users.

Facebook for iPhone: Other Developers Have a Lot to Learn!

The newest Facebook app for iPhone has to be the biggest improvement any app has ever displayed in one release. The new UI is completely new and more than doubles the functionality provided by the last version. This is an iPhone app review, so I am not going to go into this in depth, but comparing the iPhone Facebook app to that of BlackBerry or Android is literally like comparing two different apps. Facebook for iPhone might even bypass the need to ever log in to your Facebook account on the computer, it’s that good.

TwitterBerry: The Most Basic Twitter Client for BlackBerry

As a new BlackBerry user, one of the first apps I looked for was a solid Twitter client. When consulting with friends and fellow Twitterers, the consensus was to download TwitterBerry. After using it for some time as well as comparing it to its competitors, the primary one being UberTwitter, I have mixed feelings about TwitterBerry. On the one hand, it is clear to me that it attained its popularity not because it was the most advanced Twitter client for BlackBerry, because it is not. It is however, the most simplistic one.

Nimbuzz: The Mobile Market's Number One IM/VOIP Client

Nimbuzz has become a market leader in the mobile IM/VOIP space. Their wide variety of applications is always on the very edge of the newest technology, and their iPhone app is no different. The app is as clean and easy to use as apps get and it supports all the IM networks you can imagine. This includes AIM, MSN, Gtalk, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace, ICQ, GaduGadu, and Skype, which actually gives them an edge over some of their competition. Their newest version includes full support for push notifications, which means that the lack of background capabilities offered by the iPhone is solved through the ability to receive real time notifications if someone writes to you on any of your IM networks.