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Vivid, Personalized Email, the Jukely Way

Personalization is powerful—and one of the central keys to building strong, sustainable customer relationships in today’s mobile-first world. But for a lot of brands, personalizing

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The 1:1 Renaissance: How Personalization Strengthens Relationships

With the rise of mobile, a new view of customer/brand engagement is emerging. Or, more accurately, an older view is gaining new currency, informing how

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How to Keep from Alienating Customers with Over-Communication

Modern customer messaging can often feel like a balancing act. Brands want to keep their outreach responsive and relevant, so they turn to triggered messaging

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3 Mobile Tactics that Power Smart Travel Marketing

  In the decade since the introduction of the first iPhone, the rise of mobile has had a major impact on virtually every industry—upending entrenched

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App Subscriptions: Get Customers to Make the Jump (and Stay There)

For mobile apps, customer acquisition can be tough. You’ve got to prove value to convince customers to allocate space on their phones for your company’s

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Decide What Your Values Are—And Stick to Them

What does your brand stand for? Your company’s values are at the heart of everything you do. Without a firm grip on what your brand

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Your LTR 2017 Prep Guide

Every year, Appboy holds the LTR conference to turn the spotlight on long-term relationships and the strategies and technologies that make it possible to build

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How to Keep Your Customers Engaged When Things Change

Working in marketing, you have to learn to adapt to—and embrace—change. After all, evolving as a marketer can both help you advance your career and

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What Does It Mean to Get Permissions?

What’s the difference between receiving junk mail from a company you’ve never heard of and getting direct mail after signing up for a brand’s mailing

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Curious What Messages Your Customers Want to Receive? Just Ask!

For today’s marketer, personalization and segmentation can feel like a double-edged sword. The rise of digital marketing tools has made it possible to target your

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