Unblock Me for iPhone Will Keep you Busy for Hours

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By: @Hilzfuld

The iPhone App Store is overflowing with games. There are endless types of games, such as puzzles, arcade, mind games, shooting games, etc. However, out of the many games I have tried, there are really a few that stick out in their level of entertainment they provide. Unblock Me for iPhone is one such game.


Like I have said on endless occasions, developers have to understand that there is no correlation between the advanced nature of an iPhone game and its downloads. On the contrary, I am more hesitant to download a game that has a steeper learning curve. If a game is simple natured and seems fun, there are more chances I will download it and keep it around.

Unblock Me is the ultimate game in its simplicity. Yet, it is also one of my all time favorite games on the iPhone. So, how do you play? Did you ever play the board game Traffic Jam? You know the game in which you need to get a car out of a certain space but it is blocked by a traffic jam? Well, it was one of my favorite games as a kid, which might explain the hours upon hours I have spent playing Unblock Me. It is essentially the same concept minus the cars.


You have a screen full of blocks and you need to get the one red block out of a whole in the wall on the right side. However, the red block lays behind other blocks. Your goal is to get the red block free in as few moves as possible. Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? I dare you to do it in less than 20 moves. My wife tried the game once and passed the first level after over one hundred moves. It is far from simple, yet completely addictive.


Unblock Me is the sort of game you can give someone and be sure they will be occupied for at least the next half an hour. There is also a free version of the app with limited levels and options, but to try it out, it is more than sufficient.

In terms of the interface, the initial screen has four options. Play, Levels, Options, and Buy Full Version (obviously this option is not there in the paid version). The Levels screen in the free version includes Beginner, Intermediate, and Bonus, but good luck getting passed the Beginner level in less than 40 moves.


The Options screen includes the ability to turn off the sound, select the theme, a Help section, credits, and a reset statistics button. Pretty simple and straight forward, just like the game itself.

In conclusion, I would go as far as to say that Unblock Me is one of my top ten favorite games on the iPhone platform, and would highly recommend you check it out. Just don’t complain to me when you are addicted, I warned you.

Our Rating: 5/5

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Developer: Kira Games

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1 Discussion on “Unblock Me for iPhone Will Keep you Busy for Hours”
  • I downloaded this game earlier this week when I got my new Iphone and inadvertantly deleted it a couple of days later when updating and installing some new apps. Now I can’t get it downloaded again. The message says it is no longer available in US stores. Any ideas? I would love t get it again.