With Stillshot for iPhone, You No Longer Have to Choose Between Photo and Video

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By: Hillel Fuld (@hilzfuld)

A few weeks back, I did a major cleaning of my iPhone. I deleted over 100 apps that I had installed and rarely used and left only the apps I would use regularly. One of the few photography apps I left on my iPhone, along with Instagram, was Groupshot. The app lets you take a bunch of your photos, none of which are perfect, mix and match them to create the idea image in which everyone is smiling and no one is blinking. It is a solid app and the results are flawless.

Well today, the developers of Groupshot, namely, Macadamia Apps, released a new gem, Stillshot. This new app solves yet another very common problem in which you take out your iPhone to snap one of those Kodak moments, and by the time you press to capture, you realize you are on video mode and you missed the shot.

Alternatively, if you are in a situation that you want to capture the moment, you can either snap a photo or record a video, but you can’t do both. Until now. Stillshot lets you seamlessly extract any frame from a video into a high quality picture that you can save locally. Pretty simple and yet so brilliant.

As I mentioned to the developer, the only thing missing from Stillshot to make it a must-have app is an integrated video camera. Right now, you launch the app, select a video and extract the image. Why not enable the user to take the video within Stillshot while you’re at it? That would save the user the time it takes to open two separate apps. It is not a big deal, of course and despite this “missing feature”, the app works as advertised, something you can not say about many apps in the App Store.

I, for one, can’t wait to see what Macadamia has in store for us next.

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