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The BeginningApp Gold Rush

The growth of mobile may seem like the Wild Wild West, with developers racing to create apps that top the download charts. Though with nearly 1 million apps available in the App Store and more on Google Play, we are in a new era of fierce competition and elusive success.

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The present The Rise of the Zombie App

With 40% confessing they made nothing off their last app, developers are abandoning their products, not investing in marketing or version updates. At this point success does not just lie in discoverability and installs, but rather in engagement. Users interacting with your app means increased ratings and comments, which calls for more version releases, keeping the app alive and kicking.

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The FUTUREThe Opportunity

To effectively communicate with users, you have to be proactive. With Appboy’s Marketing Automation for Apps, we provide the tools to segment your users by behavior and deliver personalized, relevant content to them via multi-channel messaging. Do this and succeed in strengthening understanding and engagement within the app.


Co-founders Mark Ghermezian, Bill Magnuson and Jon Hyman created Appboy to address the rising need of apps to keep audiences engaged. By bringing data-driven marketing automation, segmentation, multi-channel messaging and mobile marketing experts together, Appboy has become the pioneer of Marketing Automation for Apps.


We are seeing over 30% click-through rates on our news feed. Yes, you heard right. 30%



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Resellers/Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

Resellers are individual Mobile App Development professionals who are able to provide app development life cycle support to our customers, or have created targeted, repeatable solutions on the Appboy platform. Companies can participate as well, and those who join the Appboy Partner Program as Resellers are able to provide the platform for their clients or provide customers with application-specific solutions focused on a specific industry, technology or application. Those active in this program commit to making significant investments in joint development, training and marketing programs, as well as working with Appboy Account Executives and our Success Squad to deliver solutions.

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Referral Partner

Referral partners are a select group of vendors that partner with Appboy and specifically focus on helping identify and generate new leads and customer referrals for the company. Partners who identify and refer net-new business opportunities are eligible to earn referral fees once the deal closes.

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Technology Partners

Marketing Automation for Apps occasionally requires "best-of-breed" products that work together seamlessly. Appboy teams with Technology Partners to integrate and optimize communication between our products in order to streamline deployments and enhance performance. Through our Technology Partner program, we strive to ensure that our customers can easily implement Appboy in conjunction with other chosen corporate technology standards.

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Agency Partners

Appboy Agency Partners are some of the most innovative and technologically savvy mobile and digital marketing firms in the business today. They are experts in the use of marketing automation to drive mobile user engagement, and each agency partner is on the pulse of the latest mobile and marketing technology developments. These agency consultants are experts at working to develop a marketing automation for apps strategy.

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