Effectively Engage Users Beyond the Install

Hoping for a flood of downloads doesn’t constitute a winning mobile strategy. We created Appboy with customer engagement in mind to empower marketers to easily build a loyal app audience.

Engagement Channels

Outside the App

Channel push
Push Notifications

Encourage desired key actions (particularly among lapsed users) with action-oriented messages that direct your audience back to the app.

Channel email

Connect with users beyond your app by sending richer content, images and multiple calls to action that are far-reaching without being intrusive.

Inside the App

Channel inapp
In-App Messages

Nudge users toward their next key action and drive in-app discovery through native messaging that doesn’t disrupt the app experience.

Channel newsfeed
News Feed

Our unique stream dynamically highlights larger pieces of fresh, relevant content including events, UGC, tips and community information.

Product Features

  • Feature multivariate testing
    Multivariate Testing

    Test up to six variants and choose the most effective messaging possible for push notifications, in-app messages and emails.

  • Feature optimal send
    Intelligent Delivery

    Take the guesswork out of scheduling campaigns by sending messages based on when each user will most likely engage with your app.

  • Feature segmentation
    User Segmentation

    Segment users based on any data point to create content for the masses in a relevant, seemingly individualized way.

  • Feature install attribution
    Install Attribution

    Discover which ad campaigns result in high-value users by reviewing the source of your app’s installs.

  • Feature location targeting
    Polygon Location Targeting

    Customize the exact area you’d like to target people in to create relevant, contextual experiences for your audience.

  • Feature analytics

    Easily examine user behavior and key metrics from both a big picture and granular level, and adjust your strategy as needed.

  • Feature permissions
    User Permissions

    Define distinct roles for your team to better control who sees and impacts your users’ mobile experience.

  • Feature conversion tracking
    Conversion Tracking

    Monitor and take action on metrics tied to each of your marketing campaigns, and see how they perform against your set goals.

  • Feature retargeting
    Retargeting Campaigns

    Improve user retention by creating targeted follow-up campaigns based on how each user engages with your messaging.

  • Feature actionbaseddelivery
    Action-Based Delivery

    Trigger messages in response to each user’s behavior to ensure contextual, personalized communication that drives desired actions.

  • Feature connectedcontent
    Connected Content

    Automatically insert everything from nearby movie times, customized recommendations and proprietary content directly into messaging.

  • Feature personalization

    Customize any part of a message to reflect any data stored on Appboy’s rich user profiles, and send it across all messaging channels.

Supported Platforms

  • Android grey Android
  • Ios grey iOS
  • Windows grey Windows
  • Unity grey Unity
  • Kindle grey Kindle

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