Effectively Engage Users Beyond the Install

Hoping for a flood of downloads doesn’t constitute a winning mobile strategy. We created Appboy with customer engagement in mind to empower marketers to easily build a loyal app audience.

Engagement Channels

Outside the App

Channel push 1776b8b93c51977730d52e2a0dddf2a21705507df946058ee259f1810a2e9496
Push Notifications

Encourage desired key actions (particularly among lapsed users) with action-oriented messages that direct your audience back to the app.

Channel email 9d21d34ee2b48c25fb325c381a5d6724c3f0eb8ac6ef9f48a9bfbe88511b0a60

Connect with users beyond your app by sending richer content, images and multiple calls to action that are far-reaching without being intrusive.

Inside the App

Channel inapp 7fe0aca2e9d00767f6a303d29f620ddb76179c2d6990b48ff4407a23047db303
In-App Messages

Nudge users toward their next key action and drive in-app discovery through native messaging that doesn’t disrupt the app experience.

Channel newsfeed f3da7cb84540e6710277b1e223b61988c443ac0937a5c66380c67ebf03bb42d1
News Feed

Our unique stream dynamically highlights larger pieces of fresh, relevant content including events, UGC, tips and community information.

Product Features

  • Feature multivariate testing 4ae22a0a6b24c5a98fda63fd60fbab2cb587f4a7d281e969f1899372353c2139
    Multivariate Testing

    Test up to six variants and choose the most effective messaging possible for push notifications, in-app messages and emails.

  • Feature optimal send d68732a9719b5654126275201ef8b0bed28d444a45791e7375e3a7fb8ea04142
    Intelligent Delivery

    Take the guesswork out of scheduling campaigns by sending messages based on when each user will most likely engage with your app.

  • Feature segmentation 1e5797266559850af39f6ac829f6638018df18dcdac05473d7ac3cbe39b7ebca
    User Segmentation

    Segment users based on any data point to create content for the masses in a relevant, seemingly individualized way.

  • Feature install attribution a044ee3101c3e16f7cd03c6efc0084dc28a0b7edaae3bfd9cd5d07651856e05c
    Install Attribution

    Discover which ad campaigns result in high-value users by reviewing the source of your app’s installs.

  • Feature location targeting ca1b162cbf61d9e7eab0b64a692ba95680ef5f75ee7eb93e40f4f016f653efd4
    Polygon Location Targeting

    Customize the exact area you’d like to target people in to create relevant, contextual experiences for your audience.

  • Feature analytics 74e3793be7de921c555edcc695232cfcab36ffbc1904c26d7130bd01c0822220

    Easily examine user behavior and key metrics from both a big picture and granular level, and adjust your strategy as needed.

  • Feature permissions 5c69570484af7803aacb785617962361b91891c2f5b335019549264cf9505af1
    User Permissions

    Define distinct roles for your team to better control who sees and impacts your users’ mobile experience.

  • Feature conversion tracking ab5ed5cb23ecfdc357486e439ed3b21d487defde7950cb912bd78f8c45622bd5
    Conversion Tracking

    Monitor and take action on metrics tied to each of your marketing campaigns, and see how they perform against your set goals.

  • Feature retargeting f2cb328d0a155abf6ccfe734877fd5a212b936284b27bba99ed9fed92da56805
    Retargeting Campaigns

    Improve user retention by creating targeted follow-up campaigns based on how each user engages with your messaging.

  • Feature actionbaseddelivery 6e3beac00542e5090aca1bb0b8de5240b0d9fce51f204c67604bda26e483ae06
    Action-Based Delivery

    Trigger messages in response to each user’s behavior to ensure contextual, personalized communication that drives desired actions.

  • Feature connectedcontent 410a0f31c7b5630a8038878209d685b0168f4b20b97af408051c79445a40f9c3
    Connected Content

    Automatically insert everything from nearby movie times, customized recommendations and proprietary content directly into messaging.

  • Feature personalization 0beb539621e731077e4fc94a40147125e63388e40e201f32a520a3144b6366e9

    Customize any part of a message to reflect any data stored on Appboy’s rich user profiles, and send it across all messaging channels.

Supported Platforms

  • Android grey ba32bcaeef5ed76b8fe25141c7fc24c70c746a4b0a830b9f1ee60b233682e17c Android
  • Ios grey a4a4831cb5ffe3b0783f43e286442fcac3a54d6af616bc24d0735c71f185941a iOS
  • Windows grey c3a40697020cb8eac2c9228103db32a91ade0fa62c9785801ca4cdd63853cf58 Windows
  • Unity grey 9b623276f41953918ef9caf3ed121dece01682d995c888b65b3a4916cc4da071 Unity
  • Fire os grey 816a631a487e25c41ef7a9d2efdb9d328baad0ced3f26054d79256bc8e48f19c Fire OS
  • Xamarin grey 5b51ad1438508942b77f797e64fa5da37a73034c549caa49feaf5f8cc6c2da99 Xamarin
  • Baidu grey fcf60373cf8517fbee56464124d575440c3be37f148970025813aff7e182e55b Baidu
  • Web grey a4dfbfa2a9dc6a160751b5d794f386d57dd7bffb0f0422d4396e354e61dc1406 Web

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