Mobile Experiences are Personal—And Customer Expectations Are High

Marketers must provide utility, value, and relevance with each interaction.

Centralize customer data from multiple systems, like point of sale and business intelligence tools.
Personalize content based on interests and profile information.
Create campaigns around holidays, weather, and regional news in the user's preferred language.
Identify behavioral trends and see what moves the needle with product usage and customer spending.


To influence it, market to your customers in the right channel, at the right moment.

Appboy was Formed to Solve the Challenges of Today's Mobile Economy

We Help Marketers Move at the Speed of Mobile

  • Centralized Customer Data

    Manage and view customer data with robust SDKs and private/public APIs allowing for bi-directional data flow

  • Seamless Campaign Builders

    Build multi-channel messaging campaigns that are personalized and relevant

  • Intelligent Reporting & Optimization Tools

    Use automation and predictive analytics to influence each customer — at scale

Multi-channel message builder in Appboy’s dashboard

We Offer World-Class Technology and Deep Mobile Expertise

  • Success Squad

    Tap into a team of mobile marketing automation experts to assist and advise you around your marketing initiatives

  • Appboy Academy

    Leverage a wealth of documentation and best practices to grow your understanding of mobile emerging technology specs

  • Community

    Connect with a community of skilled and passionate marketers and share your stories of growth, success, and challenges faced

  • Multi-Channel SDKS

    Manage messaging across customers and their devices with SDKs across web and mobile

  • Api & Data Portability

    Invest in a platform that is secure, values bi-directional data flow, and won't hold you hostage

  • Enterprise Ready

    Integrate with a global platform that grows with your team and emerging technologies

We Support an Open Ecosystem


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Deep Linking