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One place to store data and surface insights

Single View of Each Customer

Capture and share individualized customer data across devices, applications, and channels with the Appboy customer profile.

Artificial Intelligence

Use the predictive analytics in the Intelligence Suite to select the right message and right time.

Centralized Sending Engine

One easy-to-use interface that powers both transactional and promotional email.

Appboy Solutions


Build rich transactional and promotional campaigns — across channels

Nurture Programs

Integrate email with push notifications, in-app/browser messages, content streams (Appboy News Feed), and more, plus build powerful visualizations of each path in your journey with our Canvas tool to drive higher impact.

Beautiful Emails

Create or import customized and eye-catching emails through an easy-to-use editor and save templates for continued use.


Personalize emails with CRM data by pulling in public and private API data like the weather with Appboy's Connected Content feature, or localization.


Grow your impact through—sometimes surprising—insights and robust testing

Detailed Reporting

View comprehensive reports for each of your email campaigns, as well as integrated insights and tools for a multichannel view of your campaigns.


Test message variations, sending times, paths along the journey, and more based on conversion events for your business goals with Canvas.


Develop the best message across multiple channels with multivariate tests and Intelligent Selection.


Ensure a strong email marketing program with the enterprise-grade tools and the Appboy Success Squad

Appboy Solutions


Start off on the right foot with warm-up programming, list management and health advice, and technical guidance.

Strategic & Technical Services

Monitor and troubleshoot deliverability and build effective strategies and ways to engage customers with best practice resources and in-person consultation.

Security & Governance

Rest assured that you’ll be able to manage data and access with enterprise grade permissioning and security functionality.

Sending dynamic emails triggered by specific customer behavior is a core tenet of our lifecycle marketing strategy. Using personalization features within Appboy’s CRM platform, we can easily incorporate contextual information that brings value to our customers, every time.

— Ian Andersen, Director of Engagement, MileIQ (Microsoft)

The best part? When you work with Appboy, you get to work with a team that’s agile and will get you integrated within days, not months. All it takes is a couple minutes to transform your marketing!

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