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    Intelligent CRM for our mobile-centric world.

    Your customers are mobile. Your marketing automation technology should be, too. Start building better relationships with your customers today.

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    Stay Ahead of the Curve With Appboy Community

    Visit Appboy Community to discover successful strategies and best practices from our Success Squad and fellow clients.

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    Appboy Supports Baidu Push Notifications

    As the sole Mobile Marketing Automation provider of push notifications to China, Appboy clients can now better connect with the world's largest smartphone market.

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    Next Level Personalization With Connected Content

    By melding the flexibility of Appboy Open Access with increased opportunities to tailor your messaging, marketers can effortlessly encourage desired behavior and increase conversions.

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    Engage Users Based on Individual Behavior

    With Action-Based Delivery, marketers are able to intelligently deliver messages in response to customer actions.

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    Unparalleled Data Flexibility With Appboy Open Access

    Get a 360-degree view of customers anywhere by taking advantage of Appboy's Mobile Marketing Automation platform using existing technical solutions.

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Meet Our Customers

  • Kixeye
  • Etsy
  • Delivery Hero
  • Dominos
  • Shutterfly
  • iHeartMedia
  • LifeLock
  • USA TODAY Sports
  • PicsArt
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Text+
  • Glide
  • Anthropologie
  • Elevate
  • Zedge
  • PrePlay
  • Bauer Media
  • IDT
  • DailyMe.TV
  • theCHIVE
  • B&H
  • Epix
  • Etermax
  • Hailo
  • Mapquest

What We Do

  • What we do segmentation a7bc717ea2443ae97d6a0f3af8ebc3cfe9b3aeca31cddcb74d1453177b7ee4fb


    Create a relevant experience for each user

  • What we do delivery c7d4c3039f93795ee91746e69d1ff4b7b4d3db9d561642ea98a91e8f28a577d1

    Multi-Channel Delivery

    Vary your outreach via push, email, in-app messages and our industry-first News Feed

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    Messaging Campaigns

    Seamlessly encourage desired actions

  • What we do bigdata 22db48258abddb5b5cddee619911a7afeab64c1a411e6eb776d25718b8d24acb

    Real-Time Big Data

    Easily analyze user behavior and act accordingly

Success squad trophy 491b38a21e02fecbc5e8e9d1afd1fdaada90dd3b0d91c9d1ee4187d5453c6e7e

As experts in the industry, our Success Squad acts as an extension of your team to help you exceed your marketing goals.

In addition to guaranteeing you get the most out of our platform, the Success Squad oversees Appboy Academy, our comprehensive resource on integration, implementation and our marketing automation services.

Success Squad Appboy Academy

Real Customers. Real Results.

Our platform drives success. These are just a few of the triumphs from current clients.

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Appboy Powers Marketing Automation for Urban Outfitters' App

The retailer effectively targets its young, mobile-savvy users with in-app messaging, push notifications and email, dramatically boosting engagement.

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Resources + Reports

  • Report multivariate testing 97229116a0c90885a63ae375e4f049ed779af3c14486bf38df4c92ea4899fa6e

    An Insider’s Guide to Multivariate Testing

    Learn how premier app PicsArt uses Appboy’s multivariate testing to quickly determine the highest-performing campaign to increase ROI.

  • Report push 1cefc79937551748d11432c0de18cee2e51639d8d2c5ed7916888aa85ad9b9b2

    11 Ideas for Engaging Push Notification Campaigns

    It's not always easy to generate engaging content and good reasons to communicate with your users. Let us help.

  • Report user conversion 687b2f8cf18e71823359573d75323d5a6ae50097fdc87891924beaa076bd4c0f

    The 5 Principles of User Conversion

    Learn how to successfully nudge your users toward key actions based on consumer psychology and mobile behavior.

  • Report multichannel da21f9e5f2a3ea5307862f91e60d6ec05ac4e3ae3f7a9a4098427d4fe35c1045

    5 Campaigns That Become More Effective With Multi-Channel Messaging

    Send the right message at the right time by using diverse communication types to cater to each user's actions.

“Appboy's unparalleled team of mobile marketing and engagement experts took great care in helping us define an effective app strategy.”

Nanea Reeves, President and COO for textPlus

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